Graduate Theological Union and University of California

Graduate Theological Union

As full participants in the Graduate Theological Union (GTU), PSR students enjoy unparalleled opportunities for ecumenical dialogue and critical scholarship. PSR students can take courses offered at any GTU school — courses that are likely to bring together professors and students from a wide range of faith traditions, cultures, and perspectives. Collectively, the PSR and GTU campuses constitute a neighborhood nicknamed "Holy Hill."

The GTU is composed of nine seminaries — five Protestant, three Roman Catholic, and one Unitarian Universalist — and 11 affiliates, academic centers, and programs, which bring faith traditions into dialogue with each other, raise awareness of social justice issues, develop programs in emerging fields of theological inquiry and connect the GTU to a wider community.

For more information about all GTU seminaries, centers and affiliates, and the GTU Flora Lamson Hewlett Library, see For a video introduction to the GTU, see here.

The University of California

PSR moved to Berkeley in 1901 to give our students and faculty ready access to the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), one of the world's top research institutions. Our students participate in the ferment of new ideas that emerge each day through lectures, performances, rallies and other campus events. As a PSR student, you can get a UCB library card at no charge, which provides access to the vast library system's five million volumes.