PSR's Strategic Plan: Leadership for the Progressive Christian Movement

The Strategic Plan for Pacific School of Religion 2005–2010, the first such plan to be adopted by PSR in 25 years, challenges the seminary to step boldly forward as a national leader for the progressive Christian movement. To meet this challenge, the plan identifies four primary goals for PSR to pursue between 2005 and 2010:

  1. Leadership development. PSR will help prepare the next generation of progressive Christian leaders who will renew and transform congregations, specialized ministries, the academy, and social movements.
  2. Dismantling racism and building cross-cultural competence. PSR will equip leaders with the values, skills, and commitment to cross-cultural competency necessary to build anti-racist institutions and dismantle systemic racism in society and model this commitment and work in its own campus community.
  3. Telling the PSR story. PSR will communicate the variety of ways that it works to make the world a better place, and convey the intellectual, spiritual, and social liveliness of PSR and its role as a leader in the national conversation about the meaning, values, and goals of progressive Christianity.
  4. Resource development. PSR will identify and secure new financial resources and implement best practices in governance to strengthen PSR’s position as a progressive Christian academic institution that provides the highest quality educational experience.

You may download the entire plan — which summarizes PSR's history, elaborates on the four primary goals, and explains how the plan was developed and how it will be incorporated into PSR operations — as a PDF here: