A Visit to Bishop’s College

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Meeting Seminarians at Bishop’s College, Kolkata

The Principal and faculty of Bishop’s College, a seminary run by The Church of North India, welcomed us warmly to their campus for a lecture on  contemporary Indian theology followed by small-group discussions on ministerial training in India and the US today.  As always here, we shared chai tea and biscuits with our hosts.

After a tour of their beautiful campus (with stops in their library and chapel), we paused to watch several of their students engaged in a lively cricket match on their “quad.”

Founded in 1820 by the Anglican Bishop of Calcutta, the College is affiliated with Serampore College which was established by English missionaries in 1818.Bishop's College-8

In my small group discussion we listened to seminarians from northeast India describe their current and future ministries which  often take place in congregations made up of several church buildings spread across great distances. In addition, we compared youth ministries in India and the US and talked about PSR’s new direction in changemaking.  They were fascinated to hear about American students who come from the world of NGOs and are eager for theological education and spiritual formation.

What struck me most about our time with these Indian seminarians was their passion for spreading the Gospel in a country where Christians are a tiny minority (2-3% of the overall population).  It was also inspiring to hear them speak with pride about India’s success in building a democracy made up of people from many different tribes, religions, classes, and languages.

We will have the opportunity to visit with seminarians in southern India in the next few weeks.  It will be fascinating to learn from them and understand a bit about their preparation for Christian ministry in India.

 – 1/16  Bernie, faculty

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Prayer Space & Church at Bishop’s College:

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Meeting with Bishop’s College seminarians:

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