Into Silence

Saccidananda   — A Christian Ashram

25 January 2014Saccidananda Ashram 3

We traveled today from Bangalore to Thannirpalli in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu and were met at the airport in nearby Tirichirapalli by Michael, a retired sociologist from Dorset, England, who spends three months of every year at the ashram in prayer and community service.

The word “saccidananda” refers to the three-fold Hindu concept of “being, consciousness, and bliss,” the very words used by Swami Atmapriyananda only a week ago when he spoke with us about the foundational beliefs of Hinduism at Vivekenanda University in Kolkata.

Founded in 1950, Saccidananda Ashram is dedicated to the Holy Trinity with a mission “to be a place of meeting for Hindus and Christians and people of all religions or none, who are genuinely seeking God.”

Saccidananda Ashram 1We will spend, as a class, the next three days in silence, prayer, and service with the six monks of this community and another 40 or so pilgrims currently visiting the ashram.

This PSR Immersion Learning Course has shown us in many ways how inter-religious dialogue and productive interaction between people from various traditions has shaped — and continues to shape — this holy place known as India.

We will provide updates for this blog in the weeks ahead as we absorb — and realize with deeper understanding — all that we have learned and experienced here.

As we enter into this graced time of silence at this ashram, we remain grateful for the many people we have met here in India.  We are also thankful for the many people who support the work of PSR in different ways.  Thank you!

Saccidananda Ashram 2Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we keep you in ours.

Stay tuned!