Streets and scenes in Kolkata

image     Streets of Kolkata   IMG_20140117_190118

Time in Kolkata    Building out the window here in Kolkata     Our Neighborhood in Kolkata        IMG_20140117_185821



Walking in Memphis, Kolkota

traffic honking

pigeons cooing

dogs barking

children laughing

merchants selling

traffic moving

traffic honking

afternoon prayer on the speakers

trees covered in soot

uneven side walks designed to trip you up

traffic honking

still images of Mother Teresa

Coke, Lexus, Lay’s chips

traffic’s waste and burning garbage lingers in my nose

Then just as suddenly, food wafts in to replace the unnatural smell, leaving me in a constant nauseous state of craving food or dislodging a lung

traffic honking

evening prayer

my body tells me to sleep.  it begins to tune into the heartbeat of Kolkata, more apt and ready than my mind

traffic honking

- 01/16   Lewis, participant