Layover in Dubai

Layover in Dubai

The travelers indeed got to experience this amazing hologram welcome  to their layover at Dubai International Airport.

“1/14/14 We begin our journey: At the airport in Dubai. Today is a day that ended before it began since we arrived in Dubai after 7pm after traveling all day on Tuesday.  The anticipation keeps me going and I realize that we are beginning a journey unlike any we will ever take again, since this group will not be together again as we continue our ministry – At least not in the same way.  It comes to me that this is the time for me to be present in every moment.”

Sheila, participant

Other sights encountered… familiar and yet… not really:

dubai-8          dubai-1




“Here in the Dubai airport, I’m surrounded by opportunities to buy familiar brands of products — fashion products, alcohol, cigarettes, plus some things that are more local and distinctive —  like table top models of the Burj Khalfia, the tallest building in the world.  I’m surrounded by goodies and ads meant to appeal to wealthy tourists.  I’m glad to be clear, for the purposes of this trip, I’m not either one.”

Eric, participant

       dubai-5       dubai-7             dubai-14