Campus Care Network (September to May only)

Campus Care Network members are available around the clock to provide assistance in cases of emergency or crisis. They are students like you and are available to offer peer listening, and will refer you either to the Pastoral Care Team or the Director of Community Life and Spiritual Care depending on the kind of support that you need.

What does “confidentiality” mean in the PSR context of peer support?

Sessions with the CCN members are confidential. There may be instances when confidentiality will have to be broken:

  1. When a student’s personal health or safety is at risk
  2. When another person’s health or safety is at risk
  3. When a student discloses or shows evidence of physical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect involving a child or elderly person
  4. When a student threatens suicide
  5. When a student misuses drugs or alcohol that may be life-threatening

Stay tuned for the new Campus Care Network during the fall semester