Dismantling Racism Committee Charter

Adopted 2/7/2007


  • Three elected Support Staff
  • Two Faculty members (Educational Resource Committee chair and one other) as designated by the Dean
  • Three students designated by CAPSR
  • One member of the Administrative Staff
  • Two members of the Board of Trustees
  • The President of the School, ex officio
  • The Chair of the Board (if not one of the named board members above), ex officio

Administrative support, designated by the President, voice no vote

A Leadership Team is proposed consisting of one student, one support staff member, and one faculty or administrative staff. The importance of having some consistency in leadership from one year to the next is recognized.

At least two of the board members should be local and able to attend monthly meetings in person.

A quorum shall consist of six (6) of the non-ex officio members.

This is the only committee of the school (to date) which consists of representatives of the different levels of the school all of whom share equal voice. As such, particular awareness must be paid to the structural power differences that exist even as we engage as one committee and ensure the well being, safety and full participation of all members.


The Dismantling Racism Committee is a committee of Pacific School of Religion bringing together faculty, staff, students and trustees to serve in an oversight function for the continuous work of: 1) the development and monitoring of a holistic plan focused on the elimination of systemic and institutional racism; 2) equipping leaders with the values, skills, and commitment to cross-cultural competency necessary to build anti-racist institutions and dismantle systemic racism in society, and 3) modeling this commitment and work at PSR.


The goal of dismantling racism and building cross-cultural competency, as outlined in PSR's 2005 Strategic Plan, is the work of the faculty, board members, staff, and trustees and will require the ownership of the entire school. Leadership and ultimate responsibility for this goal rests finally with the President. The Dismantling Racism Committee monitors the achievement of the ongoing goal of dismantling racism at PSR and developing leaders equipped to do so in the broader community. We recognize that responsibility for planning and implementing specific strategies for this work often rests with other staff functions, faculty and trustee committees, or other existing structures within PSR, however, the Dismantling Racism Committee will interface with committees in order to advise, monitor progress, request budget, recommend policy, and otherwise be useful in achieving this goal.

Vision and Commitments

  1. The elimination and dismantling of racism has been named as a priority of the school and should be reflected by the school's monetary commitment.
  2. DRC acknowledges that in order to eliminate and dismantle racism additional capacity and paid staff is needed and is committed to reviewing, identifying and helping to put in place the long-term infrastructure, staff and budget required for this work.
  3. DRC is committed to creating a safe space for the community to report incidents of oppression and issuing appropriate and timely responses. The DRC will ensure that the grievance process for faculty, students, and staff who experience harassment is continuously reviewed, formalized, transparent, well-publicized and safely engaged.
  4. DRC is committed to creating a safe space where the community can engage one another in conversations pertaining to oppression and privilege.
  5. DRC is committed to the intentional and full integration of multi-ethnic and international individuals and perspectives in all levels of the school, curriculum, and overall seminary life.
  6. DRC recognizes the need to assess and to hold accountable the cross-cultural competence and understanding of white privilege of the PSR campus in the classroom, workplace, and the intentional community. The DRC will continue its work on the Charter and Action Plan by seeking new tools to gauge the successes and improvement needing to be done as we dismantle systemic racism at PSR.


  1. The committee will be accountable via its individual members to the Educational Resources Committee of the faculty (ERC), the President's Council, Support Staff, CAPSR, and the Board of Trustees' Racial Ethnic and Cultural Sensitivity Committee.
  2. The committee will report to the Educational Resources Committee of the faculty (ERC), the President’s Council, Support Staff, CAPSR, and the Board of Trustees’ Racial Ethnic and Cultural Sensitivity Committee.
  3. Meeting times will be announced at least one week in advance and will be open to all members of the community.
  4. Convening responsibilities will rotate among the leadership team.
  5. Staff support will be responsible for preparing and distributing minutes to the DRC members and participants, distributing agenda, and assistance with other communication as needed.