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"There is no area in the life of Pacific School of Religion of more consequence to the School itself, to the churches in the west, and to the School's contribution to Christian scholarship than the Earl Lectures."

-Harland E. Hogue, Christian Seed in Western Soil

In 1901 Mr. Edwin T. Earl (1856–1919), developer of the first ventilator-refrigerator railroad car, made a gift to Pacific School of Religion to begin this lectureship. For over 100 years leaders of theological, historical, and cultural thought have come to Berkeley to share their scholarship and ideas. Lectures since 1998 are available for purchase, but the vast majority of these gems have been hidden away in PSR's archives in the basement of Holbrook Hall.  Over time, we will expose the brightest of these gems to the light of day and publish them here.  

These passionate addresses from men and women as different as Theodore Roosevelt and Maya Angelou, Harry Emerson Fosdick and A. Cecil Williams, remain thought-provoking, intriguing, perhaps jarring even today. We trust that these great minds will touch the minds and hearts of individuals and congregations near and far, to continue to inspire and challenge a deeper engagement with God and community.

If you would like further information about PSR's Earl Lectures, past, present, or future, contact the Office of Community and Continuing Education at 510/849-8218 or earllectures@psr.edu.

2012 Featured Lecturers


Martin E. Marty, 1971

Alice Walker



 Alice Walker, 1986


Bernice Powell Jackson



Bernice Powell Jackson, 2007