• Robert and Kathryn Riddell Associate Professor of Bible and Archaeology; Director of the Badè Museum

  • Assistant Professor of Worship and Director of Worship Life

  • Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology

  • Lecturer in Theology and Literary Arts

  • Lecturer in Theology and Culture
    CLGS Senior Director, Academic Research and Resources

  • Dean of the Swedenborgian House of Studies
    Assistant Professor of Spirituality and Historical Studies

  • Associate Professor of Practical Theology, Education and Spiritual Formation

  • Assistant Professor of New Testament

  • Instructor in the Practice of Ministry
    Director of Field Education and Contextual Learning

  • Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs & Dean
    Assistant Professor of United Methodist Studies, Ethics and Leadership

  • Assistant Professor of Theology and Dorothea Harvey Professor of Swedenborgian Studies

  • Interim President
    CLGS Executive Director
    Associate Professor of Cultural and Historical Studies

  • Assistant Professor of Arts and Religion

  • Carl Patton Professor of Preaching
    Dean of the Disciples Seminary Foundation (Berkeley Campus)

  • Professor of Church History

  • Assistant Professor of American Studies, Literature, and Swedenborgian Studies