Yii-Jan Lin

Assistant Professor of New Testament

Academic Credentials: 
BA, Pomona College, 1999; MA, University of Chicago, 2001; MA Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 2005; PhD, Yale University, 2014.
"Although I help students get a glimpse of the historical and cultural context of the New Testament and its earliest readers, I also remind them that we are always perceiving from our own context and location. I firmly believe that meaning lies within us, not the text, and to be responsible interpreters, we must remain self-aware creators of meaning, holding ourselves accountable for the interpretations we create."

Dr. Lin's current research analyzes the relationship between NT textual criticism and the biological sciences, beginning in the 18th century. In particular, she explores how the metaphors of race, family, evolution, and genetic inheritance have shaped the goals and assumptions of the field. Other research areas include gender, especially ancient constructions of masculinity, sexuality, and literary theory. Her written works include "Mark and Masculinity: A Narrative Critical Analysis of the Second Gospel," which analyzes the narrative arc of Mark as a commentary on masculine power and mastery, and "Semen, Philosophy, and Paul," which discusses the concept of sperma in 1 Corinthians and ancient medical and philosophical texts.