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Course Scheduling

All courses in the GTU course catalog are submitted by faculty through Course Scheduling Information forms to the registrar and are subjected to the approval of the Dean. Generally, the forms for the course offerings of a particular academic year must be submitted by faculty in early Fall of the previous year. Look for email reminders in early Fall.

Definition of a Credit Hour

Consult the Concerning Credit Hours document to gauge the amount of work expected from students for 3.0 and 1.5 credit classes. 

Syllabi Guidelines

PSR syllabi or revisions of syllabi are due to the Dean's Office before each registration period and are required to be filed by the Dean's Office unless otherwise noted. Syllabi can serve many purposes for students and the instructors including but not limited to: working towards an upfront understanding between the instructor and students so as to maximize clarity on policies relating to the course; setting clear expectations of material to be learned or learning outcomes; providing a general outline and schedule of the of course organization. Course syllabi may be used for accreditation purposes and are usually made available to students during registration periods to assist them in deciding what to take. In general, course syllabi should include:

  • Basic information about the instructor, title of the course, etc.
  • General instructional schedule
    example: week by week description of lecture topics
  • Expected measurable learning outcomes for the course
  • Grading policy
  • Explicit attendance policy
  • List of key assignments on which grades will be based and their due dates
  • List of texts and readings, what is required/recommended/optional
  • Inclusion of plagiarism policy, policy for English as Second Language students, an Anti-Discrimination Statement, incomplete policyuse of technology in classrooms policy or statement that PSR has such policies and where to find them
  • We encourage PSR syllabi to include PSR's direction statement, and if the course is an MDiv required course, inclusion of the MDiv program goals.

For more information on syllabi and guidelines on how to write learning outcomes for syllabi, please contact the Office of the Dean. Please consult sample syllabi template. For further guidance see Example 1Example 2 and Example 3.

Textbook Orders

Textbooks for PSR courses are ordered to be available for purchase through the GTU Consortial Bookstore on Amazon.com. The Dean's Office will serve as the primary liason between faculty and the book store managers. The request for text book orders will occur sometime in the middle of the preceding semester. Please see the PSR Text Book Adoption Form and forward completed form to Dean's Office when requested. Summer Session instructors, please refer summer course questions to the Summer Session Office.

WebAdvisor Tips 

Log in to WebAdvisor to print your course roster and submit course grades.

Trouble printing your roster? Try updating your browser to Internet Explorer 7.0 or using Firefox as your browser.

Trying to email the students in your class or your advisees
as a mass emailing can be a challenge. If you would like to send out one email
to your student/advisees in a group email follow these steps:

  1. Click on "My Class Roster" or
    "My Advisees" in your WebAdvisor account
  2. Copy (ctrl C) the entire roster
  3. Open Microsoft Excel
  4. Paste (ctrl V) the roster into Excel
  5. With the entire list still highlighted go to "Edit"
    ==> "Clear" ==> "Formats"
  6. You should then be able to highlight just the email address
    column without highlighting other fields.
  7. Highlight the email address column, copy, then paste into the
    BCC field of your group email to your class/advisees.

Miscellaneous Course Forms

  • Special Reading Course forms >>
  • Teaching and Research Assistant application >>
  • Other GTU Faculty Resources for area convening and doctoral students >> 


Program Rules and Requirements

Program worksheets and checklists do not encompass all program rules and requirements, but they are often helpful for student advising, so they are posted for your convenience. Complete program manuals may be downloaded at the Degree and Certificate Programs page.

Academic Programs Common Policies Chart  


The Faculty Request Form may be used to request a faculty support service from the Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs.