Exciting Cultural Immersion Opportunities

November 1, 2013

Contextual Learning at PSR seeks to make it possible for all interested students to engage with immersion courses that stretch their awareness and strengthen their theological and multicultural capacities as leaders and change agents.

There are exciting upcoming Immersions that include the "International U.S. / Mexico Border Immersion" in San Ysidro/Tijuana from January 5-17, 2014 with Rev. Odette Lockwood-Stewart (Director of Field Education and Contextual Learning, PSR) and Dr. Carlos Correa Bernier (Director, Centro Romero). Students will develop theological depth, critical ethical analysis and historical insight about how the historical and contemporary issues of the U.S./Mexico border come dramatically together.

Students will also have the opportunity to apply for "FASPE Fellowships for Study of Ethics" at Auschwitz. FASPE, in collaboration with Museum of Jewish Heritage, June 15 to Thu June 26, 2014. This fellowship uses the conduct of religious leaders in Nazi Germany as a launching point for a two-week intensive study of contemporary issues facing religious leaders. Fellows will travel from New York to Berlin, Krakow, and Oświęcim (Auschwitz). 

Another exciting international immersion opportunity is in Akko, Israel, July 12-31, 2014. Through excavation, lectures and field trips, students will learn about the social, political and religious heritage of these areas in northern Israel during this 16-day intensive. It will be led by PSR faculty Dr. Aaron Brody in conjunction with a Penn State study abroad program led by Dr. Ann Killebrew, Director of the Tel Akko Archeological Project in Israel.

This course will also be open to community leaders and alumni/ae. 

Students interested in local immersion experience can apply to "City of Refuge: Immersion 2014." This two-week intensive course will immerse students in hands-on learning in ministries with the most marginalized people in the inner city: ministries with people who are homeless, in recovery from substance abuse, and living with HIV/AIDS. We will also visit hospital and juvenile hall chaplaincy programs and feeding programs. Students will learn about the City of Refuge theology and model for ministry development and will reflect on praxis each day.

Think about applying for these life-changing spiritual and leadership journeys. For more information, visit the Contextual Learning page.