PSR Alum Launches New Faith Community in San Jose

March 27, 2013

Rev. Nicole Lamarche (MDiv 2005) is the founding pastor of of the newly formed Silicon Valley Progressive Faith Community in San Jose. They are holding a "Progressive Easter Egg Hunt" for children and families of all ages.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013           

[SAN JOSE, CA] On Saturday March 30th, Silicon Valley Progressive Faith Community hosts a progressive Community Easter Egg Hunt for children and families of all ages at Discovery Meadow in Guadalupe River Park in downtown San Jose from 10:00-10:30 a.m.
Silicon Valley Progressive Faith Community, founded by Miss California 2003 Nicole Lamarche, invites children of all abilities, imperfect parents and families of all combinations to gather at Discovery Meadow in Downtown San Jose to experience an egg hunt focused on sharing, generosity and equality. By design the egg hunt will incentivize and encourage children to share and to give away the goodies they receive over the course of the hunt. “Easter egg hunts are often a replication of how we have decided to do things in the world, which is, whoever grabs the most wins. But Easter is about living with compassion, working for equality, speaking out for justice, whatever the consequences may be.  This egg hunt is an attempt at the Easter spirit amid the chaos, messiness and joy of life!”
Nicole fell in love with the Bay Area while attending graduate school at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley where she was a student when crowned Miss San Francisco and then later Miss California. She believes that the most innovative region in the country is just the right place for a progressive faith community. “Silicon Valley is full of brilliant minds, risk takers and dreamers, people who are changing the world. The culture here is open to doing things in a new way. This new community mixes people of conscience, innovation and progressive faith.” Nicole says, “Our children deserve a world that is more just, more loving, more equal.  Let’s teach them how to share.  Maybe in doing that, we will teach ourselves.”
Nicole Lamarche is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ who identifies as a progressive Christian. She is an advocate for marriage equality and economic justice.  Silicon Valley Progressive Faith Community is a mix ofprogressive Christians, agnostics and people of conscience who want to live with purpose and joy, where “it’s not what you believe; it’s how you love.”  For more information, see