PSR Continues a Bold Tradition of Spring Proms

May 1, 2013
Daniel Borysewicz

On Friday, April 12, 2013, students, faculty and staff entered a completely transformed d'Autremont Hall in their prom attire for a magical evening of celebrating the spring season, dancing, merry making and frivolity. Students were asked to submit their high school prom photos for people to attempt to guess who was in the photos. The event was sponsored by CAPSR and Office of Community Life, with all proceeds going towards the Senior Gift.

The evening’s festivities started off with cocktails and live music provided by graduating seniors Ben Bigney on piano and Lindsey Kerr on violin. Followed by Prof. Mary Donovan Turner delivering a wonderful invocation and Constance Vigilant, from the Ministry of Magic’s Ministry of Ministry Education-Prom Division, cast an Obliviate spell which erases bad prom memories. There was professional photo booth that accommodated up to 15 people, Mediterranean hors d’oeuvres, ‘jugs’ of wine and beer and people danced the night away with the help of a DJ very willing to take requests. Many students from other GTU seminaries were in attendance as well.This is the first prom in over 15 years.

Prom Committee and Helpers (pictured right) 
Lewis Eggleston, Meredith Jackson, Terry Yasuko Ogawa, Jennifer Mahru,
Terry Dyonzak, Lindsey Kerr, Stosch Kerr, and Cindy Pincus.  CDSP: Rhian
Roberts and Hannah Elyse Cornthwaite.

Comments from PSR Alums regarding past proms:

  • Tina Heck (MA/MDiv '90): "CAPSR sponsored a prom in 1988. Glad to see it back. But it wasn't the first..."

  • Dana Bell (MDiv '92): "PSR had proms when I was there in the late '80s!"

  • Janet Cromwell (MDiv '87): "Thanks for the news from the School.  Just to note, though, this year's Prom wasn't the first.  We held a Prom in 1986 and again in 1987 when the theme was "Stairway to Heaven".  Yes, we decorated d'Autremont with shimmery fabric and Mylar stars and took our photos (a la photo booth style).  We had a DJ and danced late into the night.

    Although I can't confirm the theme of the 1986 Prom, I do remember that we considered calling it "Bridesmaid Revisited" - a play on the PBS show "Brideshead Revisited" - because so many of the women on the planning team had bridesmaid gowns that they wanted to wear for a second time!"

  • '85 PSR Prom
    student decorates for '85 PSR prom

    Lizann Bassham (MDiv '86): "I actually have two photos from the 1984 PSR Prom [see left], the first is a group shot with Lynnea Lindsey (white dress top row), Deb Smith (white dress long hair 

    second row), me in the 40s

    hat, April and Andy Herring-Sweet (pink dress and blue leisure suit), and three assorted non student dates. The second photo is of Deb Smith decorating for the '84 prom in curlers. We turned the dining hall into a high school gym complete with fake basketball hoops for effect. In 1984 our Prom Queen was John Sam Jones from Wales [Prom King was Judy Georges]. In 1986 we had a Trinity of Prom Sovereigns: Matt Adams, Sue Schnieder, and Elaine Schoepf."

Download a PDF of photos from the 1986 prom. If you have any photos or other memorobilia you can share with us, email

Photos below were taken by PSR student, Wesley Capps.












































































































































































Photos above were taken by PSR student, Wesley Capps. 

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