PSR Student quoted from panel discussion on women's ordination

March 22, 2013

Christine Haider-Winnett, current MDiv student and Co-President of the Women's Ordination Conference was part of the Catholic-Mormon dialogue on women's ordination hosted by the Sunstone Education Foundation on the PSR campus on March 16, 2013. Below is her quote from the article:

Christine told why such interfaith dialogues were particularly important to her: "When I was a teenager, I left the Catholic Church, and later Christianity, for about 10 years over issues of women’s ordination and sexism. When I first started to return to my roots, I desperately sought out any Christian approach to the divine feminine that I could find. Those first resources that I found weren’t Catholic depictions of Sophia, but Mormon stories and hymns about the Heavenly Mother. She played a very important role in helping me find my way back to my Catholic faith. For me, that’s just one example of how much we have to learn from each other, and how much we all have to gain from these sorts of conversations."