PSR Students to Lead Student Christian Movement in Berkeley

June 12, 2013

PSR MDiv students Sonny Duncan and Sarah McCune were granted scholarships to attend the Student Christian Movement (SCM) leadership training in Washington D.C. sponsored by the World Student Christian Federation this past April.  There are more than a hundred SCMs around the world.  Sonny and Sarah have begun meeting with other leaders to organize a Leadership Training event in Berkeley and launch a West Coast SCM in the 2013-14 academic year, which will be part of SCM-USA.

Student Christian Movement is student-led communities that are passionate about faith and justice. SCM envision Christianity as inclusive, aware, radical and challenging. Each year, SCM comes together for an annual conference and has other regular gatherings for members to share ideas and make collective decisions about the movement. Between gatherings, the local chapters exist as communities that maintain contact and dialogue with one another for the sake of collective growth, learning, and action. SCM are affiliated to the World Student Christian Federation.