The Search Continues: Finding the next President for Pacific School of Religion

March 20, 2014
At PSR, we believe that people with a calling can change the world. Because of this, we are committed to continuing our tradition of strong academic training for leaders of existing and emerging faith communities, preparing spiritually rooted leaders to respond to the call for social change, and widening the outreach of the seminary to make theological learning accessible to many more participants.  
PSR prepares people who seek wholeness, love, and justice to create transformational change wherever they are:  in communities, in congregations, and in public life and institutions. These values lead us to seek a transformational leader to serve as the next President of the School; one who can lead us into the future we are creating together.  Guided by this vision for our shared future, our search for a new President of Pacific School of Religion continues. 
The first phase of our Presidential Search proved that there are strong leaders throughout our various communities who are as excited about creating transformational change as we are. Along with their enthusiasm, the gifts and skills they brought to the search were greatly encouraging. While we have not yet found the right person to lead us into the realization of our new vision, we are heartened by the talented, forward-thinking, spiritually rooted leaders who are attracted to Pacific School of Religion. This phase of the process has brought to light some important aspects of our values as a community. It has clarified and reinforced our commitment to our vision, heightened our awareness of the need for spiritually rooted transformation in the world, and given us great confidence that the next phase of our search will be successful.
The Search Committee is now moving forward with our consultant into this next phase.  As this work develops, we will continue our good practice of communicating throughout our communities the process and developments of the second phase of the search.
We thank you for your continued support, your goodwill, and your consistent belief in all we can accomplish together at Pacific School of Religion.  
Julien Phillips
Chair, Board of Trustees
on behalf of PSR's trustees, faculty, & staff