Student Groups

The majority of community building efforts at PSR are student-led. The Office of Community Life and the CAPSR Council (Community Association of PSR) encourages and supports students to form interest and support groups that would become their network of support while they are in their academic program. The Office of Community Life provides logistical support (e.g., how to organize events at PSR) as well as workshops that provides practical leadership skills to student organizers. The CAPSR council, on the other hand, provides financial support and advocates for the needs of student groups.

Student interest and support groups are diverse. The gifts that student organizers bring into community building are rooted in their passion and interest--or those that "kindle love" in them (to use St. Theresa of Avila's words).

Current Student Groups:

4M Ministries
Meetings: Tentative Tuesday in Chapel (rehersals)     Mission: We are a student ministry of restoration and reclamation. We offer student-led services to the GTU/PSR community incorporating ancient & modern Christian spirituality while we welcome people of all faith walks. Facebook page: Contact: Philip Tanner,; Lee Whittaker,  

Ad Hoc
Meetings: Last Sunday of each month @ 7 pm in Buckham Chapel
Contacts: Naomi Schulz,; Lacey Hunter,; Purpose: To "fill in the cracks" of student events: example, host coming out party for coming out day; host some evening alternative services for holy days, & host other community building events.

Arch Student Association
Meetings: Twice yearly in Arch (aka Anderson Hall)
Student Group Purpose Statement: Take care of Arch building / community life in Arch.         Contact: Jennifer Mahru

Christian Student Movement

Meetings: Once per month on campus(TBA) and once per month invitation to direct action in local organizations as a group. Meetings will not conflict with classes.   Mission: SCM-PSR will function as a local affiliate chapter of the SCM-USA.  The Student Christian Movement of the United States of America (SCM_USA), a member of the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), is a student-led, ecumenical, grassroots organization, that actively seeks justice and peace, speaks truth to power, and works to end oppression in communities on local, national, and global levels by empowering students and young people to claim their voice, exercise leadership skills, engage in innovative theological reflection, and build transformational netwroks of relationship in the Church and the wider world.    Contacts: Sonny Duncan ; Naomi Schulz

Friends of Wadi Foquin

Mission: To save a Palestinian village from extinction. Meeting: Ad Hoc (monthly); Contact: Mike Friedrich: 510-917-5394 or   

Garden Group
Mission: Cultivate a spirit of connection with the earth which brings us nourishment. Meetings: Once a month in PSR community garden / more meetings during planting season.
Contacts: Kelly Kraus; Ally Vertigan

GO: The Great Outdoors PSR Student Group

Meetings: One planning mtng per semester, & one outdoor event per month to be announced on our FB group.  Contact: Wesley Capps,  Mission: To build community through a common love of "the great outdoors," which we seek to experience together through hiking, camping & more.

Jesus, Jesus Jesus 

Meetings:  We maintain facebook presence but have no regularly scheduled meetings.   Mission: The primary purpose of Jesus, Jesus, Jesus is to provide a safe space for students and others at PSR to talk openly about Jesus.  We want to form a community in which Jesus-lovers can feel free to lift up praises and support each other with prayers.  This group is for students who are consider themelves theologically orthodox.  Contact:   Gwynn Fuqua

Korean Student Association
Meetings: Every other month. Contacts: Sunglae Cho,, Hyungju Lee, | KSA website. Goal: To encourage Korean students to study harder without losing their vision/goals.

Movies That Matter 
Mission: To educate community members through the use of films and talks about social justice issues and creating a space for dialouge after the viewings.   Meeting: Once a month in the dining hall.
Contacts: Michele Robbins,, Marie Bat'el

Music Circle
Meetings: Approx. once a month, we will hold a jam/song circle, which is open to any musicians & listeners who want to attend.
Contacts: Eric McEuen,; Patrick Ruth (  

New Thought & Students
Meetings: Every Thursday, 8 am at the Small Dining Room at the Dining Hall.
Contacts: Linda Reppond, Purpose: To provide an opportunity for students for Unity,Religious Science & other New Thought communities to meet, support each other, and increase awareness of New Thought at PSR.

No Hands But These
Meetings: Monthly didactic/film/panel. Periodic meal meetings.
Contacts: Larissa Keeler, Purpose: To promote & encourage the development of chaplaincy training, residency, resources, and pedagogical opportunities at PSR.

Non- violent Communications Practice Group

Meetings: Wednesday 6-8pm Mudd 100  Contacts: Chase Montara Purpose: To practice non-violent communications in a safe setting with facilitation by Jared Finkelstein

The PSR Poly Group

Meetings: once every 2 to 4 weeks whenever persons in the group are available. Mission: to support polyamorous people and their allies in the area and to offer opportunties and speaker for interested persons. Contact: Shannon Gorres,, 510-684-6486; Jasmine Herrick, 360-931-6991,    

PSR Significant Others of Students (SOS)
"God doesn't call one member of the family to happiness and fulfillment and leave the others to be miserable." --Rev. Lilian Daniel (This Odd & Wondrous Calling, 2008)
A continuing work in progress. A place for support and social events for the important folks in the lives of seminarians (partners, spouses, families). Connect with other folks who “get” the challenges of being part of the family of a seminarian Family is widely defined--if you think you belong in this group, you do! Open and affirming community for LGBTQ folks, heterosexual folks, youth, and all kinds of family arrangements. For more information, please contact Tammy Hockley, and Christina Borel, You can also find us on Facebook (if hyperlink is easy).

PSR - United Church of Christ
Meetings: TBD (possibly monthly).
Contacts: Michael Haven, Mission: To support and further United Church of Christ identity on PSR's campus.

Smash Ball

Meetings: PSR quad, Saturdays, once a month w/ 1 tournament per semester    Mission: To enjoy outdoor activites and relieve stress  Contacts: Kelly Kraus ; Ally Vertigan

Soul Food
Meetings: Tuesday nights from 8-midnight in Mudd 100; 1st Saturday of the month--Queer Fusion Dance Night.
Contacts: Jasmine Herrick, 360-941-6991, Box 397,; Sarah McCune

United Methodist Students

Meet monthly during the Fall and Spring Semesters. Contact Diana Bohn for more details

Yoga & Meditation
Purpose: To practice a spiritual discipline in community, releasing stress & strengthening compassion. Meetings: Wednesday, 1:30- 3:00 pm weekly; Location: Mudd 100 for Yoga. Buckham Chapel for meditation.
Contacts: Shanon Gorres,; Rachel Cosca