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UCC logoAnnouncing "That They May All Be One" - a TEL-UCC Partnership in Online Learning

We are excited that the TEL program offers a cycle of ONLINE courses in UCC Studies.  The one-week course in UCC History is taught by Rev. Carol Barriger. These classes have been designed to create an opportunity for lay leaders in the UCC, people in churches considering joining the UCC, and persons seeking Authorized Ministry (with permission of their Committee on Ministry) to gain a working knowledge of the United Church of Christ. 

The TEL UCC Identity Series was developed under the guidance of PSR faculty member, Dr. Randi Walker.  The classes utilize both the Adobe Connect live seminar and Moodle online, self-paced formats to teach the material.  Participants can enroll for the individual courses or the entire series.  Please contact us from more details!

UCC History -  TBD

UCC Polity - TBD

UCC Ethos - TBD

UCC Theology - TBD