In May,  J. Shannon (Pitts) Chamberlin (MA ’75) completed her PhD in Education from Walden University. She will present her dissertation research at the International Conference for Service-Learning and Community Engagement 2015. Over the summer, she was a research fellow for Campus Compact (an organization that promotes service-learning). Now, J. Shannon is serving on the Community Engagement Council at The University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

For the past 15 years, R. Lee Hayward (MA, MDiv, ’74) has supported individuals seeking to integrate their personal values in the workplace. He works regularly with executives in the corporate world, as well as clergy in several judicatories for established and new church starts as a leadership coach. Lee is certified as an ontological coach by the International Coach Federation, and for the past 10 years, he has worked as executive coach to the head of NASA Mission Control in Houston, Texas.  Although recently retired from the United Methodist Church, Lee remains appointed by his Bishop and endorsed by the United Methodist Endorsing Agency to a ministry of organizational effectiveness and leadership development. Lee recently received the “Achievement Award for Excellence in Engineering” from the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston.   He and his wife Linda live in San Jose, California.

In August 2016, Marsh Hudson-Knapp (MDiv ’75) will retire after 35 years serving First Congregational Church of Fair Haven (VT) UCC.  Marsh has inspired Biblical Gardens around the globe, and involved the local church in healing, and community ministries.  Marsh and Cindy will live in Pownal, Vermont where he grew up.

Diane Dulin (MDiv ’79) is currently the Director of Church Participation for KAIROS USA, working on behalf of justice for Palestine.

Rich Smith (MDiv ’76) retired in May after 39 years in the UCC ministry, serving churches in Tombstone and Tucson, AZ, Long Beach, CA, Bethesda, MD, and most recently, the First Congregational Church of Reno, NV.

Pam Smith (CTS ’76) retired from teaching English and writing, most recently at the University of Nevada, Reno. Rich and Pam have moved to Green Valley, Arizona. They became grandparents a year ago, an event which encouraged them to retire!

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