2014 Changemakers in Colombia

A Long-Awaited Guest at the Table

Posted by Emilio Hernandez

Never did I imagine that God would show me an answer to my prayer, while it is still going through the process of being worked out, before it is given to me/us. Today, I met a humble man of God who is writing his doctoral dissertation on the exact questions and belief I have known in my heart, for years, before ever stepping foot in California. Holding back tears, I thanked him for forming a social justice coalition and strong relationship with certain Latin American indigenous tribes for a great mission.
No, not to start a mission among them, but to fulfill a prophetic mission that I believe is necessary and key to our Radically Inclusive Love of Christ movement and fight for socio-economic justice. This man, who has been marked as a subversive enemy of the state, is asking important questions to a people who have received great wisdom from the God they walk with on a daily resistant life against trans-national corporations who want dominion over their natural resources and sacred land.

He is asking THEM for their insight, beliefs and views on “Faith, Resistance and Social Alternatives.” These biblically named “barbarians” are sharing their revelation, vision and perspective on matters only they know about, because they live and fight in the trenches against global empire, and are being used by God to help lead the church in our struggle for social/global transformation. Like Christ, I have believed for years that these indigenous people who have been a rejected entity must and would some day be brought to the table of decisions in order to “do greater things” than those who have come before us.

I thanked him. I thanked God for using PSR to make this experience possible. I got to see what God is doing for us theological change-makers (including the many alumni and most PSR students) in regards to answering our prayers. Thank you, Lord, for using vessels like this man to make sure that ALL people are brought to the table of decisions and guidance on discerning the times and the seasons of change.

We are now bracing ourselves for our visit with those in the front lines of struggle.

-Emilio Hernandez