2014 Changemakers in Colombia

A Prayer On The Eve Of Immersion

Posted by Marvin K. White

Readying. Rocking. Steadying.

Holding in prayer the families who are partners with you all on this journey. May they too find a deepened faith and a deepened justice on their journeys. May the opportunity present itself to show the world that home fire burning is a revolutionary act.

Praying the “Trouble us Lord” Prayer. Show us the dreams in our dreams but in our waking and walking reveal to us where we are to aid in caring for, restoring and loving your creation.

Praying safe passage and safe harbor prayer, kind agents and hopeful passengers.

Praying roots to bloom, a long time coming and a new thing happening. Praying sweet fragrance of justice fielding the atmosphere in expectation of us.

Praying that we know that our individual and collective lens can reinforce what we know but also has the power to radically shift us into long sightedness.

Praying that we embody our covenants and that the covenants reveal even more love, friendship and leadership to each of us.

Praying that the questions on your hearts, personal, life-long, ancestral questions find clue, path or answer.

Pray that every kind gesture we extend and is extended to us be returned with the resolve of a dancer partnering in sacred and ancient choreography.

I pray we laugh. I pray we laugh and cry and think and move and care. I pray we laugh.

I pray the story of us retold and written in a new history.

I pray we live up to and beyond “Changemaker.”

I pray if not immersion, sprinkling or dousing but transformation nonetheless.

In all the named and unnamed ways we seal a prayer, Amen.


Marvin K. White