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a story told to us by our guide, Nouha

Once upon a time, there were two men who came to arguing over a piece of land.

“This land is mine!” the first man shouted.

“No, this land is mine!” the second man retorted.

They argued and fought and rolled on the ground, kicking and scratching each other.  A third man, passing by, saw them grappling with each other and asked, “What are you fighting about?”

“We’re fighting over who owns this land,” they said.

“I own it!” declared the first man.

“No, I own it!” cried the second man, and it looked like they might come to blows again.

“I will help you settle this,” said the third man, and he lay prone upon the ground with his ear pressed to the earth.  The two men who had been fighting ceased their quarreling and watched.  At length, the man stood up, beating the dust from his clothes with his hands.

“Well?” the first man demanded.  “What did the land say?  That I’m the owner?”

“No, surely that I’m the owner!” the second man interrupted.

“Actually,” said the third man, “she does not know who owns the land.  But she said that soon enough, you will both be buried in her anyway.”