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Open to the public: Mondays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Museum Services

IMG_0172The Badè Museum offers places of worship, schools and other interested groups several services. These include private museum tours for groups of 5 or more and a traveling exhibit program.

Along with tours and traveling exhibits, the museum hosts a number of online educational tools that can be used in classroom instruction. These include teaching materials for children and a DVD chronicling the process and methods of archaeological excavation. There is even original silent film footage of the excavations carried out by Dr. Badè and his team in Israel/Palestine!

If you have any comment or questions on any of our current services or suggestions for future services, please let us know! Contact the Museum Director, Dr. Aaron Brody, at (510) 849-8286 or

Walk-ins are welcome during our regular open hours: Fridays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. 

You can also schedule a free tour through the museum for groups!
IMG_0165Scheduled visits to the Museum are popular with all ages, preferably beginning with age seven. Tours can be tailored to your group’s interest and will include explanation of W.F. Badè’s work in Israel/Palestine, artifacts, and the field practice of archaeology. This service is provided free of charge.

Please note:

  • Appointments must be made at least 2 weeks in advance
  • Private tours are only allowed for groups of 5 persons or more
  • Tours can be conducted during regular open hours or specially scheduled weekdays, depending upon gallery availability

To schedule a tour, please contact the Museum Director, Dr. Aaron Brody, at (510) 849-8286 or

Traveling Exhibit Program

The Museum circulates a loan exhibit of objects for use in teaching. The traveling exhibit includes artifacts and replicas from the original Tell en-Nasbeh excavations such as lamps, oil juglets, sling stones, and ceramic pitchers. Along with labels and display posters, an informative and entertaining DVD accompanies every exhibit describing excavation techniques and what we can learn from archaeological remains.

Borrowers pay a borrowing cost of $125.00 to the Museum, and are responsible for the return shipping and handling costs. These fees are to help maintain this program for future generations of enjoyment and we appreciate your support!

“Thanks for making this exhibit available. The Badè Museum provides a great educational tool.”
— Dr. Dorothy Jonaitis, OP (University of Dallas School of Ministry)

“You have a fine museum with fine services.”
— Carol Kloss (Biblical Institute of the Diocese of Joliet)

Daily Life in an Ancient Judean Town

  • 16 individual artifacts dating between 1000-500 B.C.
  • 10 display panels with photographs and labels
  • Replica oil lamp you may light
  • Information Folder
  • DVD – Digging Up a Buried Town: The Excavation of Tell en-Nasbeh, a video that documents the excavation from 1926 to 1935 by William F. Badè
  • Story Book – The Secret of a Tell, an 8-page illustrated story book which explains how a tell builds up over the centuries and how archaeologists excavate it

Borrowing Cost: $125.00 (plus return S&H)

Email or call to begin your reservation! or (510) 849-8286

Excavation Films

This video is a compilation of two reels of silent excavation footage filmed by George Hedley and James Philmore Collins during the 1926 and 1935 seasons at Tell en-Nasbeh. These silent films are a treasure not only for their documentation of the burgeoning archaeological field of the early twentieth century, but for the window it provides on landscapes and life-ways seemingly vanished from this region now overrun with urbanization. Images of excavations at Tell en-Nasbeh commingle with traditional Palestinian dancing, Bedouin bread making and Jerusalem street scenes that act as a historical narrative transferred without words.

Download Here »


Digging Up a Buried Town: The Excavation of Tell en-Nasbeh

This video slide show documents the excavation from 1926 to 1935 of Tell en-Nasbeh by William F. Badè, then Professor of Old Testament at Pacific School of Religion. Features images from hand-colored glass slides taken at the time of the excavation and later images from the Badè Museum. Designed for high school students, young adults and older.

Download Here »

The Secret of a Tell

8-page illustrated story book which explains how a tell builds up over the centuries and how archaeologists excavate it. Designed for grades 4-6, but all ages will find it informative and enjoyable.



A Manual of Excavation in the Near East

By William F. Badè (1934): “This is the only book in any language describing, in detail, methods of archaeological excavation in the Near East. It presents a concise account of the methods used by the Pacific School of Religion Expedition at Tell en-Nasbeh, in Palestine.”





A1094_newOriginal Tell en-Nasbeh Site Report

William F. Badè passed away in 1936, the year after fieldwork at Tell en-Nasbeh concluded. As a result, his assistants Chester McCown and Joseph Wampler published this site report in his stead in 1947. Until now accessing the report has been difficult because only a few hundred copies were ever produced and it has long been out of print. We are delighted to make the PDF files of both volumes available here for free! Many thanks to Professor Jeffrey R. Zorn and the Digital Scholarship and Preservation Services at Cornell University Library for making this happen.

Tell en-Nasbeh I: Archaeological and Historical Results

Tell en-Nasbeh II: The Pottery