Founded by Pacific School of Religion in 2013, the Ignite Institute (originally the Center for Spiritual and Social Transformation) exists to support, inspire, and train those who are working towards social justice in the world.

The change makers are facing ever more complex challenges and diminishing resources need to create lasting change.  To be effective change-agents, organizations and leaders will have to go beyond avoiding burnout and hopelessness among staff, members and volunteers. We will have to cultivate the spiritual grit needed to sustain our work for decades; we will need to cultivate the moral imagination needed to project a transformative vision of world where all can flourish.

There is a growing awareness that no single leader, innovation or social movement can produce the scale of change our nation, much less our planet, needs to be sustainable. We will need to join with each other in adaptive organizations and flexible networks.

The mission of the Ignite Institute is to help create a world where we all can flourish. They do this by providing education and training for spiritually-rooted change makers, excavating and communicating the transformational narratives within progressive spiritual traditions, and by anchoring a network of faith communities, social justice organizations, and activists working towards economic justice.

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