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David Vasquez Levy HeadshotRev. Dr. David Vásquez-Levy serves as President of Pacific School of Religion.

A committed pastor, a nationally recognized immigration leader, and a sought after speaker, Vásquez-Levy leads at the intersection of faith, higher education, and social change. Vásquez-Levy regularly contributes a faith perspective to the national conversation on immigration and is the author of various publications that explore migration stories in sacred texts and in people’s lives.

He has lived in four countries and taught courses and led international study and service trips across the globe. Vásquez-Levy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Texas Lutheran University and a Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry in Preaching degrees from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.

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No Hate, No Fear: PSR President David Vásquez-Levy Responds to Trump’s Executive Orders on Immigration

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“No hate, no fear! Refugees are welcome here,” chanted the growing crowd at JFK Airport on Saturday, January 28.

They gathered—“out of nowhere” according to a New York Times report—in support of refugees and others detained at the airport as they sought to enter the country in the hours following President Donald Trump’s executive order the day before.

No fear…. Every encounter between humans and the divine in Scriptures begins with precisely those words, “do not fear.” That is the heart of the good news. It is the message proclaimed by the angels at the moment God broke into the world in the form of a child. “Perfect love casts out fear,” says the author of 1 John.

We are at our best when we embody this message of love and resist fear. By contrast, governing by fear is deeply antithetical to our sacred call.

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Resisting the Power of Fear

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Dear Pacific School of Religion community,

As we have reflected on the founding of PSR 150 years ago, I have often made reference to the tensions that framed the context into which PSR was born—marked by significant economic transitions, demographic shifts, and deep national conflict. This fall’s campaign season and the results of the election have highlighted the similarities of our context today. I know I am not alone in feeling in my own body the deep divisions of the campaign, the polarization it both revealed and provoked, and the uncertainty created by deeply troubling rhetoric of exclusion and blame.

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PSR is guided by a Board of Trustees that has ultimate responsibility for the school’s leadership and direction. In consultation with the faculty and administration, the Board sets broad academic policies, exercises financial oversight, and bears final responsibility for PSR’s funding and growth. Our Board is graced by up to 21 committed leaders of diverse churches, businesses and community organizations who generously give of their time and resources to support PSR in its preparation of leaders for historic and emerging faith communities.


  • Alan Akana
  • Stan Barkey
  • Jon Berquist
  • Angela Brown (MDiv ’14), Secretary
  • Bishop Warner Brown
  • Teri Cannon, Vice Chair
  • M.L. Daniel
  • Benjamin Gunning
  • Donaldson Hill, Chair
  • Jennifer Martinez
  • Connie K.Y. Fong Mitchell
  • Cynthia Scherr
  • Scott Sporte, Treasurer
  • Sheila Thomas
  • David Vásquez-Levy, ex officio
  • Stanley Watson (MA, ’90)

Emeriti Trustees

  • Wilbur W. Y. Choy Retired United Methodist Church Bishop, Tacoma, WA
  • Tom Clarke Retired financial analyst, La Selva Beach, CA
  • Wayne F. Edwards Management consultant, Edwards Associates, Austin, TX
  • Beth C. McCaffrey Community leader, Greenbrae, CA

Emeriti, Adjuncts, and Visiting Professors


  • Joseph Driskill
  • Karen Lebacqz
  • Fumitaka Matsuoka
  • William McKinney
  • Lynn Nell Rhodes
  • Roy I. Sano
  • Choan-Seng Song
  • Archie Smith, Jr.
  • David S. Steward
  • Mary Tolbert

Visiting Professors

  • Visiting Associate Professor of Pastoral Leadership and Social Transformation: Dorsey Blake (2015-2017)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Ethics: Robyn Henderson-Espinoza (2015-2017)

Fall 2016 Adjunct Faculty

  • Lisa Walker,
    • lwalk@berkeley.edu
  • Sam Park (ABSW),
    • spark@absw.edu
  • Ann Jefferson,
    • ajefferson@psr.edu
  • Justin Tanis,
    • jtanis@clgs.org
  • Robyn Henderson-Espinoza,
    • rhenderson-espinoza@psr.edu
  • Dorsey Blake,
    • dblake@psr.edu
  • Sandra Blair,
    • ssblair47@comcast.net
  • Patricia St. Onge,
    • patricia@seven-generations.org

Admissions | Facilities | IT Support | Marketing & Communications | Registrar

Allen, Derene
Interim Executive Director, Ignite Institute
510/849-8216 | deallen@psr.edu

Brody, Aaron
Robert and Kathryn Riddell Professor of Bible and Archaeology
Director of the Badè Museum
510/849-8224 | abrody@psr.edu

Burns, Erin
Marketing and Communications Director
510/849-8222 | eburns@psr.edu

Dyonzak, Terry
Director of Facilities
510/849-8254 | tdyonzak@psr.edu

Fennema, Sharon
Assistant Professor of Christian Worship
Director of Certificate in Sexuality and Religion
Director of Worship Life
510/849-8933 | sfennema@psr.edu

Gall, Jen
Executive Assistant to the President
510/849-8241 | jgall@psr.edu

Gilliam, Grace
Associate Director of Community Engaged Learning
510/849-8238 / ggilliam@psr.edu

Gonzalez, Marco
Assistant Facilities Technician

Jefferson, Ann
Director of Community Life and Spiritual Care
510/849-8257 | ajefferson@psr.edu

Johnson, Jay
Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture
Director of Certificate of Spirituality and Social Change (CSSC) and Master of Arts in Social Transformation (MAST)
510/849-8235 | jjohnson@psr.edu

Lawrence, James F.
Dean of the Swedenborgian House of Studies
Assistant Professor of Spirituality and Historical Studies
510/849-8232 | jlawrence@shs.psr.edu

Lee, Joung Chul 
Visiting Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, Education, and Spiritual Formation 
Director of the Asian and Pacific Islander Initiative

Maxon, Andy
510/849-8282 | amaxon@psr.edu

McSpadden, Lucia A.
Coordinator, International Student Support
510/849-8250 | lmcspadden@psr.edu

Miller, Scott
Cook II
510/849-8282 | smiller@psr.edu

Newton, Christy 
Interim Director of Community Engaged Learning
Instructor in the Practice of Ministry
510/849-8261 | cnewton@psr.edu

O’Leary, Patrick
Chief Business Officer
510/849-8274 | poleary@psr.edu

Perea, Robert
Media Coordinator, Room Scheduling, and Receptionist 
510/849-8218 | rperea@psr.edu

Radzins, Inese
Associate Professor of Theology
510/849-8932 | iradzins@psr.edu

Reed, Lyndsey – interim Assistant Dean for Academic Programs and Registrar: Tara Weekes
Assistant Dean for Academic Programs and Registrar
510/849-8285 | lreed@psr.edu | tweekes@psr.edu

Roman, Alex
Facilities Technician – Mechanical Trades
510/849-8276 | aroman@psr.edu

Sano, Roy
Professor Emeritus of Theology and Pacific and Asian American Ministries
510/635-7916 | bishoprsano@earthlink.net

Schlager, Bernard
Executive Director, Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion
Associate Professor of Cultural and Historical Studies
510/849-8278 | bschlager@psr.edu

Schroeder, Rossitza
Associate Professor of Arts and Religion
Deputy Accreditation Liaison Officer
510/849-8277 | rschroeder@psr.edu

Scott, Wanda
Chief Advancement Officer
510/849-8247| wscott@psr.edu

Stringfellow, Roland
Director of Umoja Project & Coordinator of the African-American Roundtable, Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion
510/849-8934 | rstringfellow@clgs.org

Sommerville, Janice
Program Coordinator, Theological Education for Leadership
510/849-8284 | jsommerville@psr.edu

Taylor, Leslie Carole
Assistant Director of Recruitment and Admissions
510/849-8253 | ltaylor@psr.edu

Vásquez-Levy, David
510/849-8223 | president@psr.edu

Walker, Randi J.
Professor of Church History
Doctor of Ministry Program Director
510/849-8221 | rwalker@psr.edu

Weekes, Tara 
Interim Assistant Dean for Academic Programs and Registrar
510/849-8285 | tweekes@psr.edu