The academic catalog is a record of Academic Policies, Procedures and Program Objectives and allows the student to understand their rights and responsibilities at Pacific School of Religion (PSR). PSR is part of a consortium of theological schools that provide a wide range of courses that the student may register for (as their program permits).

PSR’s curriculum is committed to diversity, inclusion and intersectionality, intertwining academic and practical perspectives on social justice issues pertaining to LGBTQIA+, racially minoritized groups, challenges facing immigrants, challenges facing the urban poor in the United States and the violence perpetuated on these groups. Simultaneously also, our curriculum seeks to provide constructive pathways for future religious leaders, scholars, activists and thoughtful people who understand that religion remains a stable and strong force in politics, economic, legal and other cultural systems.

Consequently, our academic life is marked by multiplicity; many ground their calling in their relationship with Jesus, others in different holy names for the Divine and still others in the web of planetary life. We welcome everyone to the life of deep spiritual development, intellectual growth and respectful acknowledgment of difference. The catalog serves as a contract between the student and the Pacific School of Religion.

Timely completion of program requirements necessitates regular and consistent communication between the student, their advisor and the Office of Academic Affairs.

This catalog is supplemented by the Schedule of Classes posted on the GTU website, which will also provide specific information about courses offered each semester. While the catalog is true and correct at the time of publication, changes to programs, courses, services, rules, regulations and fees are subject to modification to accommodate changes in resources or educational plans at the Pacific School of Religion.

Academic Policies

Academic policies govern campus and student life at Pacific School of Religion. These policies are also included in the Academic Catalog are designed by the Offices of Academic Affairs and Community Life to set a common standard of expectations that can be shared among faculty, students, and administrators, and to serve as a resource as students complete their program. Please familiarize yourselves with these policies, and if you have any questions or would like any clarification, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs (510/849-8233, Holbrook 135).

To indicate they have read the Academic Catalog, all incoming students taking courses for credit must sign and submit the Statement of Understanding to the Office of Academic Affairs ( by the end of the second week of the current semester, or they will not be permitted to continue to take courses at PSR.