This chart summarizes some of the common policies of each PSR program with their different parameters such as

  • minimum required units
  • expected length of program
  • maximum total length of each program allowed including time off (leave of absence)
  • what constitutes full time for each program
  • maximum independent study credits SRC 9999’s
  • maximum number of incompletes (extensions you can take in a course)
  • minimum number of PSR credit to fulfill residency requriement
  • maximum number of Summer Session credits
  • cross registration limits
  • basic foundational courses
  • milestones, etc.

While this chart does not encompass all requirements for all PSR programs  and there may be additional or special qualifications, processes, paperwork, and approval needed. For a complete description of the program requirements described in this chart, consult program manuals, the academic program director, and any academic announcements for additional qualifications or changes that may occur during a student’s program. To download, click on the Academic Programs Common Policies Chart.

In all degree programs, one-third of all credits earned toward the degree, including transfer credits from within and outside the GTU, must be earned from PSR courses. For actual number of units in each program, consult the Academic Programs Common Policies Chart.