Extensions For Program: Lapsed Time Rule

Each degree and certificate program is to be completed in an expected number of years. However, if you are part time, you may still take courses that count toward your degree over more years, as long as you are within your program’s lapsed time rule. Remember that time lapse begins when the first course you want to use toward your degree starts, even transferred courses from other institutions, and time lapse even includes semesters/years you were on leave or not an active student.

Extensions beyond the expected graduation time may be subject to the approval of the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs & Registrar in consultation with your advisor. Such extensions do not entail a continuation of housing and/or financial aid priveleges, and you may have to seek non-campus housing and other sources of income if you wish to continue beyound your program’s expected time.

Extensions beyond the maximum allotted time as stated in the lapsed-time rule must be specially approved by the Dean and most likely will result in the loss of eligible coursework to be applied to your degree/certificate, which may mean you will need to re-take some of your earliest coursework. Therefore it is in your best interest to graduate sometime within the lapsed time rule.

Degree/Certificate Expected time Lapse Time
MDiv 3 years 10 years
MA 2 years 4 years
MA/MDiv 4 years 6 years
MTS 2 years 5 years
DMin & CTS & CST 3 years 6 years
CSS & CAPS 1 year 2 years
CSR 2 years 4 years
CSSC 1 year 3 years

Extensions For Courses

All coursework is due by the end of the semester (5 pm of the last day of the semester as listed in the GTU course schedule), except in cases where illness or other serious circumstances make this impossible. If an extension is needed, before the end of the semester you must secure the signature of the instructor and the Associate Dean on a Petition to Take an Incomplete form. Deadlines for the completion of incomplete work after each semester are found in the academic calendar. Generally, three additional weeks are allowed. When the grade is submitted, it replaces the “I” grade. Incompletes not resolved within the appropriate time limit appear on the transcript as I/F (Incomplete/Fail) and will affect your grade point average as it will be counted as a failed grade.

The following degree/certificate programs have the following maximums:

  • MDiv: 5 incompletes allowed
  • All other degree and certificate programs: 3 incompletes allowedPSR strives to make all programs accessible to students with disabilities. If you wish to request extensions for assignments and exams due to a disability, please contact the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs & Registrar.
  • After the maximum number of incompletes has been reached, a fail is recorded for all courses where work is not completed on time. Any student who has earned an I/F (Incomplete/F) must then file an appeal according to the Academic Disputes Policy within the stipulated time frame in that policy. Petition to Take an Incomplete forms are also available in front of Holbrook 135, or you may obtain one online by clicking the link for the form above. For Summer Session, students must complete all course requirements by the instructor’s deadline.  CEU students are not eligible for extensions.