To contact tech support, email

Wireless internet connectivity is available to all students, faculty and staff. Wireless coverage includes all of the PSR campus and many of the consortium member school campuses as well. Wireless passwords will be distributed at new student orientation.

PSR A/V Media Services provides audio-visual equipment for classes, webinars, and special events sponsored by PSR faculty or staff on the PSR campus. PSR A/V Media Services does not provide support to events hosted by outside entities, including for other GTU affiliates.

Use the AV Request Form to request equipment, services, or training no fewer than 7 working days in advance.  Last-minute requests may not be honored.

Consult the Classroom Audio-Visual Equipment Policy or Faculty/Instructors Teaching on the PSR Campus for instructions and guidelines.

Event hosts must provide their own staff to run AV equipment.  Media Services will train event staff in the operation of necessary equipment and deliver/pick up equipment as needed.  Media Services staff are not available to operate equipment during an event.

Recordings will be made available to PSR staff within three weeks of a recorded event. Media services does not provide editing or posting services.

Contact or 510.849.8218 for more information.  AV staff are available, as schedules permit, between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

PSR Media Center Policy

  • Reservations must be made at least 7 days in advance at  
  • Reserved equipment must be signed out at reception.
    • You can sign-out equipment without a reservation but only if it is available and you have the skill to use it without assistance. Equipment sign-out lasts until the end of the business day at 5:00 pm unless a reservation has been made.
  • PSR A/V Media Center assistance is available only for PSR-related events.
  • Any equipment that requires help, training, or set-up from a PSR A/V Media Center staff person requires a reservation made at least 7 days in advance to ensure someone is available to help.
    • Training is available for after-hours events. However, we cannot guarantee staff is available for after-hours events.
  • If you encounter any PSR A/V equipment that is not functioning, please report it to 510-849-8201 or
  • Zoom video conferences using the school’s general accounts require an advance reservation.
  • If you need PSR A/V equipment after-hours, it must be returned by 8:45 am the following business day. (i.e. You reserve and use a PSR A/V laptop for class Monday night. The laptop needs to be returned to the A/V manager by 8:45 am the following Tuesday morning.)


  • All PSR A/V equipment needs to be treated with care.
  • PSR A/V equipment should not be removed from the PSR campus.
  • No food or drink should come in contact/be left on the same surface with any electronic equipment.
  • Cords will be received in good order and should be returned as such.
  • Gaffer tape will be provided so cords can be taped down for your safety and their well-being.
  • PSR A/V equipment must be shut down when you finish using it so the power is off completely, not just asleep.
  • PSR A/V equipment should not be left unattended in unlocked spaces.

This policy is in place to allow all PSR staff and faculty access to PSR A/V media equipment so our programs can run effectively for our students. Please comply with these policies so everyone can benefit from the resources PSR has available.