Graduate Degrees and Certificates for Academic Credit


An opportunity for students from other professions to integrate theological studies into their practice, and preparation for doctoral studies


Equips students to think critically about socio-political dynamics and reflect constructively on the role played by religion and theological traditions in movements for social change


Prepares students for ordained or lay ministry, related vocations, and further academic study


Designed for students who are entering teaching ministries, as well as those who want to pursue an area of particular interest before taking a call


Offers a broad, yet comprehensive, education in theological studies across a range of disciplines


Offers students an opportunity to explore theological studies and vocational goals

Flexible Learning option available


Deepens ministers’ theological education


Provides specialized leadership training in the theological, historical, ethical, pastoral, and practical dimensions of sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identity

Flexible Learning option available


An opportunity for international students to study at PSR


A chance for those who are already engaged in social change, as well as those eager to embark on this vocational path, to combine spiritual formation and theological reflection in a cohort of changemakers, leadership skills for critically constructive social analysis, and immersive learning and practice with experienced mentors

Flexible Learning option available

Doctor of Ministry

An advanced professional degree for experienced ministers

Community Education Certificates (not for Academic Credit)


CGSB:  A substantive exploration of sexuality and gender from a progressive, theological perspective

Online via Flexible Learning

Certificate of Theological Education for Leadership

CTEL:  A broad program of theological, spiritual and practical ministry topics for lay and clergy leaders, representing a progressive Christian perspective

Online via Flexible Learning


CLayM/TEL:  The CTEL certificate program plus customized UMC content helps prepare you for UMC certified lay ministry

Online via Flexible Learning

Graduate Theological Union Certificates and Degrees (for Academic Credit)


PSR does not grant the ThD or PhD degrees, yet the school does participate in doctoral programs administered by the Graduate Theological Union