Are you looking for an opportunity to explore the interrelationships between theological study and other vocations, or pondering preparation for ordained ministry? PSR’s Certificate of Theological Studies (CTS) program offers a wonderful opportunity to spend the equivalent of the first year in a theological master’s program, sharpening your understanding of your faith and clarifying your vocational or academic goals. If you should later enroll in a PSR degree program, you may apply all credits earned in the CTS.

The CTS requires a minimum of 24 credits to be completed in a maximum of 6 years part time study or 1 year of full-time study. Credits must be distributed as follows:

Basic Courses: 15 credits*

  • Area 1: Biblical Studies (BS, OT, or NT) 3 credits
  • Area 2: Historical Studies (HS) 3 credits
  • Area 3: Christian Theology or Philosophy (ST or PH ) 3 credits
  • Area 4:Christian Ethics or Religion and Society (CE or RS) 3 credits
  • Area 5: Practical Theology (FT, FE, SP, HM. LS, PS, ED) 3 credits
    * Courses that are used to satisfy Basic Course requirements must be at least 3 credits each

Electives: 9 credits

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