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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

Highlights of the Doctor of Ministry Journey:

  • A Distance Learning DMin Program that includes a few weeks in January on our pristine Berkeley, California campus and the remainder of the program can be completed online
  • Students can include a concentration as part of their program in such areas as pastoral ministries, social justice activism, and LGBTQ issues/contexts.
  • Flexible Program Design allowing for different paces to fit the scheduling needs and goals of students (can finish as quickly as 25 months or take up to six years to complete the Doctor of Ministry degree)
  • Enriched Cohort Learning Environment where every student journeys with a mentoring community comprised of advisor, faculty, and cohort colleagues. From Day One a student journeys with other professionals as they work towards shaping their final project. A fundamental component of the mentoring environment of the PSR happens in the Cohort Conversations, an online platform running every semester where the DMin cohort regularly share with the group and have dialog and feedback on what they are learning in their other coursework and in their research and how they are evolving their overall project. A frequently used resource is a Special Reading Courses shaped by the student and a faculty member concentrating on a particular component of the envisioned final project. No matter where a student lives, they stay in community with professionals as they shape their learning journey.
  • Start Any Time during the year after being admitted
  • In Year 1 students should plan to be at PSR two weeks in January to take DM 6000 DMin Seminar that spans two weeks of half-days with ample time to use our libraries and resources.
  • Continuing Seminars are the two one-week face-to-face January seminars in Berkeley after completing the basic seminar
  • General Information: The rest of your courses may be taken in online and blended format or independent studies or in approved courses offered in different geographical contexts. For more information on these formats, visit the Flexible Learning page.

DMin Forms

Forms for students entering 2011 and after




DMin Elective Learning Outcomes in Relation to Program & Thesis/Project form  Student
(who entered 2015 and after)
By the end of Late Registration for any term in which electives are taken.
DMin Progress Report form  Student  before every Intersession DM 6021 Annual Continuing Seminar course
DMin Request to Proceed with Project form Student submit before registering for your two semesters of DM 6011 and after you have a thorough Project Proposal with Human Subjects approved and committee assembled
Human Subjects Protocol Guidelines Student with Permission to Proceed form
DMin Project Project/Thesis Assessment Rubric & Defense Certification form  Advisor  after project/thesis defense (ideally by April 15th)
DMin Publishing and Binding form (needed for binding and publishing) Student After the defense has passed and final format and printing of two copies has been made
Physical Format for Thesis or Dissertation for the GTU

not submitted; for mostly student reference only before printing final two copies of project/thesis after successful defense
DMin Criteria for Doctoral level work not submitted; for mostly faculty reference only when faculty are approving SRC-9999 (independent study) or SRC-8888 (upgrades)  courses for DMin students
TO UPGRADE LEVEL:Special Reading Course (SRC) 8888 form Student before semester in which you wish to upgrade a course with level lower than 4000

DMin Program Assessment Rubric