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Common Master of Arts (MA)

The Common Master of Arts (MA) is a two-year academic degree offered by the Graduate Theological Union in cooperation with PSR. The MA program offers an opportunity for you to explore theology and religion in response to the challenges posed by contemporary cultures.  MA students seek to understand the issues and hope to make a difference with their pursuits.  By studying with faculty and students from across the participating schools of the GTU community, MA students experience true dialogue – talking with each other across what might be entrenched or insurmountable differences.

Some of the paths our MA graduates take include advancing to doctoral study to teach at a seminary or university, teaching at the high school level, and managing nonprofit agencies and departments. Each student affiliates with a member school according to their area of concentration and the faculty resources of that school. Note that the area and school of affiliation that you select at the time you apply to the program will determine your advisor, who will most likely be the core faculty person in that area at the school you select, and you may not be able to change this assignment depending on other factors. A portion of the student’s course work must be taken outside the school of affiliation, and committee members must include faculty from a second GTU school.

Refer to the GTU web site for complete details regarding this degree program.