The Master of Theological Studies (MTS) is a general graduate theological degree program which offers students a broad yet comprehensive education in theological studies across a range of disciplines. Building on a core of foundational courses, the program emphasizes inter-disciplinary and contextual studies and allows students to focus and gain competency in more particular areas of interest compatible with PSR’s resources.

Students who complete the MTS will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding and knowledge of four basic theological disciplines, i.e., bible, history, theology, and ethics through a critical and contextual appropriation of the Christian tradition
  • Bring these four disciplines into creative and critical interplay
  • Demonstrate their ability to use at least two of these theological disciplines in framing a response to a contemporary issue or problem
  • Demonstrate competency related to an area of interest.

For program details, refer to the 2018–2019 PSR Academic Catalog.

The MTS requires a minimum of 48 credits to be completed in a maximum of two years of full-time study or up to five years of part-time study. Credits must be distributed as follows:

     Foundational courses: 12 credits*

  • Biblical Studies (BS, OT, or NT), 3 credits
  • Historical Studies (HS), 3 credits
  • Theology (ST), Philosophy [of Religion] (PH), Philosophical Theology (PT), 3 credits
  • Ethics & Social Theory/Christian Ethics (CE) or Religion & Society (RS), 3 credits
          *Courses used to satisfy Foundational course requirements must be at least 3 credits each and taken for letter grade

     Area of Interest: 24 credits

     Area of Interest may be interdisciplinary. At least half of all Area of Interest courses must be taken for letter grade.

     Electives: 12 credits

     General electives may be taken for pass/fail or letter grade.

You must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 (B) overall.

MTS Worksheet

MTS Entrance Report

  • MTS Entrance Report Due first semester.  Submit to your advisor and the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs by middle your first semester: October 31st for Summer/Fall admits; March 30th for Intersession/Spring admits. Refer to MTS Program Manual for more information.
  • MTS Final Report
    Due last semester. Submit to your advisor and Assistant Dean for Academic Programs by the time you graduate: the last day of your last semester at PSR. Refer to MTS Program Manual for more information.
  • MTS Synthesis Essay (10-15 pages)
    Due to your advisor final semester by April 15th. Refer to MTS Synthesis Essay Guidelines for more information. Advisors should submit their MTS Synthesis Essay Assessment Rubric after evaluating this capstone paper.

MTS Program Assessment Rubric