Name Change Procedure

PSR requires all students to matriculate and register under their legal name. If your legal name should change at any point after being admitted to PSR or after leaving PSR, and you would like your records at PSR to reflect your changed name, you must submit in writing to the PSR registrar one (1) copy of your name change documentation along with the name you used while you were at PSR. Usually this documentation comes in the form of a copy of:

  • driver’s license
  • DMV identification card
  • DMV name change certificate
  • passport
  • marriage license
  • certificate of registration of domestic partnership
  • legal court document
  • birth certificate
  • green card

Please check your Sonis account to view what PSR has on record for you as your legal name, and if it needs to be changed, please submit a copy of one of the above documents to the registrar with your request. Legals names are used for official school business that often include issues like tax forms, loan and financial documents and eligibilities, health insurance, and official transcripts.

If you are an alumni or former student of PSR and would like to request either official transcripts or a replacement diploma with your new name, you will need to also submit your request in writing along with one copy of one of the above documents along with your transcript or diploma request.

Preferred Name Change

If you wish to change your preferred name (not legal name), simply email the PSR registrar what you wish to appear in your preferred name field. Preferred names are used for less official documents such as class rosters, public directories, and other non-government related lists.