Once you have graduated, diplomas are mailed to you via certified mail around July 15th. If you have a block on your account at that time or do not provide a mailing address, the Registrar will hold your diploma until such matters are resolved. It will be your responsibility to resolve them and to notify the registrar accordingly.

Diploma replacements due to printing errors will be issued as originals for no fee. However, if you lose your copy of your diploma, or want another copy, replacements will be marked as duplicates. You may order a replacement duplicate diploma for a fee of $50 paid to Pacific School of Religion. Replacements may take 6-8 weeks to arrive once a request has been submitted.

To request a diploma replacement, submit online a:

Diploma Replacement Request form with credit card payment only


or if you can’t pay with credit card, print out and submit:
Diploma_Replacement_Request_form_for check or_cash
and send to the Registrar.