Identification and Library Cards

PSR students (except summer students), staff, visiting scholars, and faculty are eligible for a PSR ID/GTU library card to check out books at the GTU Library, located at 2400 Ridge Road, across from the PSR campus. GTU Library cards also serve as your school identification card, listing your school ID number, your school/s of affiliation, and your classification. For more information see the GTU Library/ID card page.

Semester Validation Stickers

You will need a current semester and year sticker in the upper right hand corner to use your card (also remember to sign your card). Without a current semester and year sticker, the library will not allow you to check out books and/or laminate your card and give you a bar code. PSR cardholders, go to the PSR registrar to receive your validation sticker at the start of each semester. Time periods that the ID stickers are valid are as follows.

Fall sticker valid period

Begins: First day of fall semester
Ends: Second Friday of the following spring semester (includes January Intersession period)

Spring sticker valid period

Begins: First day of spring semester
Ends: Second Friday of the following fall semester (includes summer period)

Year-long stickers (issued to only career staff, core and emeriti faculty)

Begins: First day of fall semester
Ends: Second Friday of the following fall semester

Only one card is issued to you at the beginning of your studies and/or employment at PSR, after which point you can keep your card current with new validation stickers each semester or academic year. New employees and faculty will receive their cards in their PSR mailbox shortly after employment starts. New students will take pictures and receive their photo-ID/library cards at orientation week. Faculty and staff, and students who entered before Fall 2008 are issued non-photo ID cards from the PSR registrar.

Blocks on Student Accounts

Student validation stickers may be withheld if there are blocks on your account, for example, if you have a problem with your financial account; if you have not turned in certain milestones toward graduation; or if you have an outstanding library fine. To find out if you have any such blocks, consult Sonis.

Distance Student Library Cards and Access

Students completing programs online or at a distance may access hard copy library resources through interlibrary loan. Distance students will need a valid library card at their local library and may request books and other hard copy materials to be mailed to them via interlibrary loan. In the first two weeks of each semester, the PSR registrar sends the GTU Library Access Services department a list of all verified PSR online students with student ID number. When contacting the GTU Library for services, be sure to give you full legal name and the seven-digit ID number. If you require a photo library ID card for other reasons besides library resource access, you will need to either attend Orientation and take your picture for your photo ID library card during designated Orientation times or email the GTU Registrar to set up an appointment where you can come in person to take your photo for the photo ID card.

Replacing ID Cards

Students who have lost a photo ID/library card should go to the GTU registrar’s office for replacements. ID card replacements are $15 each and paid to the Graduate Theological Union. Non-photo ID/Library card replacements should be requested to the PSR Registrar and paid to Pacific School of Religion.

Using UC Berkeley Libraries

A current GTU Library card may also entitle you to check out books at the UC Berkeley libraries. Just show your current GTU Library card at the front desk at UC Berkeley’s Doe Library, and you will issued a temporary card good for three months, which you may renew so long as your GTU Library card is current. A current GTU Library card may also entitle you to other discounts, such as a discount at the UC Berkeley Recreational Sports Facilities. For more information on the discount, see the Memberships for GTU Students, Faculty, and Staff.