The pages listed on the left comprise of the second part of all PSR degree and graduate certificate programs. Registration in a PSR degree or graduate certificate program assumes the registrant has read and agreed to the terms as outlined in the program manual appropriate to their year of entry. Students entering 2010 and after are required to read:

  1. Part I of their program manual, downloadable on their respective Degree and Certificate Programs page. This portion of the program manual lifts up aspects of the academic standards, requirements, policies, and procedures that are particular to the program.
  2. Part II of their program manual, listed below. This portion of the program manual outlines basic information, instructions,  standards, requirements, policies, and procedures that are common to all PSR programs.

Students are required to click on each link below and read each page. The Statement of Understanding must be signed and submitted by the second week of the Fall or Spring term for all new students taking courses for academic credit.

A hard copy of program manuals part I & II are made available in the Academic Affairs kiosk outside of Holbrook 135 as desk copies which anyone may make Xerox copies of, but not take. Individuals may also download and print copies of Part I and II as a paper copy for themselves. If you wish to the Office of Academic Affairs to provide another hard copy for you, you may request this via email by sending an email to and your request will be processed within 10 business days of receipt.



Required Information