Verification of Enrollment or Graduation

You may request official verification from the National Student Clearinghouse of either your current enrollment status or your alumni status at any time during the year.

Verification of Current Enrollment

Often during the year, you may receive requests from various institutions such as loan officers (SallieMae, your bank), scholarship funds, immigration agencies, or school districts for verification of your status. For all enrollment verifications, go to the National Student Clearinghouse EnrollVerify service. Enrollment verifications are available after the first month of the first semester for all domestic students. Verification notices include the student’s legal name, whether the student is enrolled or not, name of the institution, and full-, half-, or less-than-half time status, and a small fee may be assessed.

Third-party inquirers may be assured that all enrollment verifications they receive from National Student Clearinghouse EnrollVerify service is an officially approved verification. Get your verifications more quickly and more accurately, and help keep the work of PSR sustainable by using the National Student Clearinghouse EnrollVerify service.

Enrollment verfication for the purpose of deferring loan repayment
Note that if you need enrollment verification for a loan agency for the purposes of loan repayment deferment, PSR and all GTU schools report these enrollments officially through the National Student Clearinghouse at least six times a year: three times spanning the Fall and three times spanning the Spring. So if you have a loan payment that needs to be deferred, wait until those reporting times. Otherwise, if you have a pending payment due that can’t wait, download a deferment request form from your loan provider website for your registrar to sign. Please remember to fill out and sign your portion of the form before giving to your registrar.

If you require an enrollment verification with more information than what is listed above, email to request an enrollment verification letter with the specific pieces of information you need it contain, and a secured pdf of the letter will be emailed to you or the email destination you provide. Please indicate if you require hard copy only if pdf will not be accepted, and also please ensure you are actually registered for the semester you are requesting verification of enrollment by checking “My Class Schedule” before making this request.

For current students, the most common pieces of information included in a basic enrollment verification letter include: your name, your current degree or certificate program, your full- or part- time status based on your registration load as of the date of the letter issued, your anticipated graduation date which is always calculated as the expected program time as published in your program manual, and if you have exceeded that, the next available conferring date, regardless of your own projected plans to stay in the program longer, dates of semester inquired about.

Additional information you wish to be included in the letter may also be requested but not guaranteed. For example, you may request that the letter include the actual number of credits currently registered for or your denominational affiliation information at your explicit written request. Information that the PSR Registrar may refuse to include at your request might include registration confirmation for registrations that have not yet occurred or registration confirmation for registration at a non-GTU consortial school from which you plan to transfer credits later.

If you are a newly admitted but not yet registered student and need proof of your student status, please obtain a letter from the Admissions department. The registrar and National Student Clearinghouse can only verify enrollments that have already been registered.

Verification of Graduation or Alumni Status

The PSR registrar will no longer issue letters or answer calls verifying degrees and alumni status. To obtain proof of conferred degrees and alumni status, please direct inquirers to the National Student Clearinghouse DegreeVerify service. A fee may be assessed for each verifcation request.

If you have completed all graduation requirements and are just waiting for the next awarding period in May or waiting for your conferrence notation to appear on your transcript, you may in the interim request a letter on PSR letterhead verifying pending graduation. These letters are also usually issued as secured pdf’s unless hard copy is specifically requested. To request such a letter, contact the PSR Registrar.

Note: GTU Common MA students or alumni should contact the Registrar’s Office at the Graduate Theological Union for all current enrollment or alumni verifications.