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The American Friends Service Committee has paid internship opportunities for students looking for a non-traditional field placement. We are working on “healing justice,” trying to bring an end to the use of prisons, the death penalty, and solitary confinement, and to usher in new, more humane ways of addressing harm.

This is about systemic advocacy in a faith-based non-profit.

Pictured here is Nikki Hunt, our PSR field placement student for 2015-2016, who did a lot of outreach work on solitary confinement, prepared materials for distribution on a variety of subjects, and even did some grant writing.

We work to find assignments that meet both our needs, and the students.’

CONTACT: Laura Magnani, (415) 565-0201 Ext. 11, lmagnani@afsc.org.

STIPEND: $18/hours @ 15 hours/week