Holy Places and DisplacementsImmersions

and now for something on the lighter side

Today we visited the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth.  It’s a Roman Catholic church built over what is traditionally believed to be the home of Mary, mother of Jesus.

Church of the Annunciation

It’s a very cool building.  All around the outside courtyard are donations of art from various countries, depicting the Virgin Mary and/or Jesus and/or any number of other religious figures.


Check out how three-dimensional some of them are!  Two dimensions is not enough.


Can you see the bunny slippers on Chinese Jesus’s feet?


You get the idea. There are many more than this, but as we walked around and around and saw donations from Vatican City, Slovenia, Lithuania, so on and so forth…we never saw one from the United States.  Odd, we thought, but chalked it up to U.S.A. being a poor international team player. Then we went inside.  We explored the main sanctuary before going upstairs to the prayer chapel, where we found more donations of art.  Good Lord, what’s that off to the side?


It’s so….shiny….