Auditing Courses

Auditing a course generally translates to “sitting in” on a course for no credit. Students can audit most GTU consortium courses during the Fall, Intersession, and Spring semesters, and any PSR summer course. You do not receive academic credits or a grade. Each instructor determines the ways their auditors are expected to participate in the course, but auditors usually do not write papers or take examinations. Audited courses appear on PSR transcripts (except for MA students) as 0.0 credits with a grade of AUD of the audit is completed successfully, or W (for withdrawal) if not.

Before applying to audit, refer to the course description to determine whether auditors are allowed in the course you wish to audit.

You may audit courses for a fee considerably less than the standard fee per credit by submitting an online audit application.  To apply, first you must complete an audit application from the PSR Registrar before the close of registration. You must also pay the required fee listed under Tuition and Fees before you can officially audit a course. Note that applications received outside of registration periods may be held then processed during the General Registration period for the semester applied. Applications from continuing auditors (not new) may be processed during Early and General Registration periods if applicable. For dates on Registration periods, please consult PSR’s Academic Calendar.

Current students may audit courses by registering via Sonis. Audits are charged at the current audit rate. In addition, alumni, domestic partners/spouses of full time students, field education mentors/supervisors, adjunct faculty, staff, emeriti/ae, and guests of PSR may enjoy special auditing and in some cases academic credit registration privileges. To take advantage of these rates,you should fill out an Audit Application at the PSR website.

To find out more, contact the Registrar.