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Statement on Iranian Cultural Heritage [January 10, 2020]

The Bade Museum stands by other archaeological institutions such as ASOR and AIA in condemning any intentional targeting of Iranian cultural heritage sites. Our current exhibit Isfahani Architecture showcases the complexity, peacefulness, and beauty of Iranian art and cultural heritage.

Statement by Saïd Nuseibeh:

The heartbroken voice of artists —and stakeholder civilians in general— are faint when politicians start banging nationalist drums of war. All the more reason for people like myself to express solidarity with outspoken scholars who courageously and institutionally raise the volume of reasoned and conscientious discourse. The vilification of Iran today is, in my opinion, pathetic and wantonly destructive. I am reminded of the entries on ’Patriotism’ in “The Devil’s Dictionary” by Ambrose Bierce.”  []

Isfahani Architecture: Modeling Beauty in Diversity

Exhibit open to the public September 4-December 6, 2019

Exhibition Opening Reception
September 27, 2019 at 5:30-7PM


Does the focus on geometry in Islamic art mean anything? Or is it just an ornamental convention?

The photographs of Saïd Nuseibeh suggests the former and, in this exhibit at the Badè Museum, he illustrates his thoughts with a selection of recent images from Isfahan, Iran. Featuring largely Safavid mosques and palaces (from the 16-18th centuries C.E.), Saïd has created intricate peaceful compositions that are simultaneously calm but vigorous in their animated designs. Tethering these two polar qualities, each photograph offers a rich opportunity for meditation and reflection. As the subjects span centuries and differ widely in their materials, the exhibit offers a unique perspective on the character and intention of Islamic art in Iran. The Badè Museum invites you to savor this experience with us.

Hospitality in the Ancient Near East

Hospitality in the Near East showcases artifacts from Tell en-Nasbeh that illustrate the importance of hospitality in an ancient Israelite town. Themes such as gift giving and trading precious items from neighboring cultures, sharing elaborate meals between family and visitors, and the welcoming act of foot-washing are highlighted. In today’s world, with so many displaced people seeking refuge, there are relevant lessons we can learn from these ancient cultures which valued hospitality so highly.