Museum Services

The Bade Museum is open to the public during our regular open hours Mondays 10AM – 2PM during the academic year.


Group Tours and School Visits

You can schedule a free tour through the museum for groups! Tours can be tailored to your group’s interest and will include explanation of W.F. Badè’s work in Israel/Palestine, artifacts, and the field practice of archaeology. This service is provided free of charge. Click here for more information.


Traveling Exhibit

The Museum circulates a loan exhibit of objects for use in teaching. The traveling exhibit includes artifacts and replicas from the original Tell en-Nasbeh excavations such as lamps, oil juglets, sling stones, and ceramic pitchers. Along with labels and display posters, an informative and entertaining DVD accompanies every exhibit describing excavation techniques and what we can learn from archaeological remains. Click here for more information.