Select Tell en-Nasbeh Publications & Projects

Original Excavation Publications


The Secret of a Tell

8-page illustrated story book which explains how a tell builds up over the centuries and how archaeologists excavate it. Designed for grades 4-6, but all ages will find it informative and enjoyable.






A Manual of Excavation in the Near East

By William F. Badè (1934): “This is the only book in any language describing, in detail, methods of archaeological excavation in the Near East. It presents a concise account of the methods used by the Pacific School of Religion Expedition at Tell en-Nasbeh, in Palestine.”





Original Tell en-Nasbeh Site ReportA1094_new

William F. Badè passed away in 1936, the year after fieldwork at Tell en-Nasbeh concluded. As a result, his assistants Chester McCown and Joseph Wampler published this site report in his stead in 1947. Until now accessing the report has been difficult because only a few hundred copies were ever produced and it has long been out of print. We are delighted to make the PDF files of both volumes available here for free! Many thanks to Professor Jeffrey R. Zorn and the Digital Scholarship and Preservation Services at Cornell University Library for making this happen.

Tell en-Nasbeh I: Archaeological and Historical Results

Tell en-Nasbeh II: The Pottery

Tell en-Nasbeh Publications

Select publications of Aaron Brody (Director, Bade Museum) available for free download.


Other Tell en-Nasbeh Projects

Digitizing Tell en-Nasbeh” by Dr. Jeffrey Zorn (Adjunct Associate Professor, Cornell University)