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Blog: From Book Stand to Faith Stand

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From Book Stand to Faith Stand

Unless you bring your lived experience to the bible, it remains inactivated and inanimate.

Unless indigenous faithways can transform the bible and not have to conform to it, then it is a weapon.

If the bible offers no strategies for peace then it is a stone.

The bible is not Wall Street. It’s symbols are not stock quotes. It should never remind us that people are getting rich off of our resources and our bodies.

God does not throw God’s voice. You will never hear it in the bible because God is not a ventriloquist speaking through crumbling parchment.

There is a new bible coming. And one after that. And then the right one. Then the womanist one. Then the poet’s one. Then the indigenous people’s one. Then the Freedom Farmers one. Then the Trans one. Then the one my mama hid her almanac and dream book in.

The bible is not a test. It can not be read for credit. You will not be graded by your ability to regurgitate scripture. If the bible lessens God to the page length, count, width and depth of a book, lessons are– God been gon.

God is mystery. God loves science. God actively listens for your suggestions and edits.

Recipe cards, poems, love letters and freedom papers and all that is long hand, telling us how to prepare, remember, treat one another and go forth is the bible. Is within the reach of God.