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CPE and Chaplaincy

Dual Spring and Summer CPE Units, UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, CA

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The UC Davis Medical Center seeks candidates looking to complete two units of CPE. However, you may also apply if you are looking for a single unit but can commit to completing two units.

Program: Levels I and II ACPE CPE

Date: March 1 to August 31 (Two units)


  • Completion of M.Div. or equivalent
  • Completion of some CPE preferred but will consider persons with no previous CPE
  • Application and related materials including interview.


  • Stipend: $2,500 paid monthly
  • Free Parking
  • Holidays and PTOs


  • Unit 1 is $500, Unit 2 = $250

For additional information, including where to send your application, please click here for a flyer.


Year-Long (Full-Time) CPE internship, UCSF, San Francisco, CA

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Practice the art of spiritual caregiving at UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, two world-class quaternary-care hospitals of the University of California, San Francisco!

A full-time CPE internship year at UCSF enables you to earn credit for as many as four (4) CPE units serving as a chaplain weekdays (8:30am – 4:30pm) and on-call shifts staying on-site approximately once every 7 days.

Application fee: $30 Tuition: $1,800 Stipend: $38,144 for 12 months + student health insurance + 15 paid personal leave days + 12 paid hospital holidays

For additional information, please click here for a flyer, or visit http://ucsfspiritcare.org.

CPE Residency Position, Sequoia Hospital, Redwood City, CA

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Sequoia Hospital, in Redwood City, has an opening in this year’s residency position—beginning in the spring unit, in March. We are looking for someone who already has at least a unit of CPE to join the residency group. We are looking for someone to cover Labor and Delivery, in particular, as well as other units in the hospital. The same benefits of the residency position applies, and this person would join a creative and open peer group.

Interested? Reach out to Eric:

Eric Nefstead, BCC, ACPE Supervisor
Phone: 650.367.5947
Email: eric.nefstead@dignityhealth.org

CPE Program — Summer 2017 Specialized Intensive Program at CeDAR, Aurora, CO

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The Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation (CeDAR) is a world-class residential addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment facility. We are one of the select few rehabilitation centers in the United States associated with an academic medical center,
University of Colorado Hospital.

Spiritual Care Services of The University of Colorado Hospital is an accredited ACPE Center for clinical pastoral education (CPE). The Summer Specialized Intensive Program (Level I) is 40 hours per week, 8a.m. to 5p.m. for a total of 400 hours. Students are expected to complete a minimum of 100 hours of educational time and 300 hours of clinical service time during the course of the unit.

For a full description of our programs, including the Summer Specialized Intensive Program, click here.

Extended Unit of CPE, Kaiser Walnut Creek

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Extended Unit of CPE, Kaiser Walnut Creek
Feb 27 – July 28, 2017
Sept 5, 2017- Jan 26, 2018

Clinical Pastoral Education at Kaiser Foundation Hospitals
Diablo Service Area (Walnut Creek, CA):

  • Experience-based theological education in a clinical setting
  • All CPE group sessions in just one day per week (5 hrs)
  • Clinical (patient care days) are flexible (16 hrs/week)
  • Provide patient care in the following areas: Hospice, Emergency Department, Intensive Care, Maternal Child Health, Oncology, Cardiac and/or Medical/Surgical units.
  • Unit Fee: $500
  • Feb 27 to July 28, 2017
  • Sept 5, 2017 to January 26, 2018

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at Kaiser Foundation Hospitals Diablo Service Area (Walnut Creek, CA) is a Satellite CPE Center of Stanford Health Care, which is accredited for Level I and Level II and Supervisory CPE  by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc., One West Court Square, Suite 325, Decatur, GA 30033-4635 (p: 404/320-1472; web: www.acpe.edu)

To receive more information or to apply for this part-time (21 hrs/week) extended unit of Clinical Pastoral Education at Kaiser Foundation Hospitals Diablo Service Area (Walnut Creek, CA), a satellite of the CPE program at Stanford Health Care, please contact:
Rev. Jürgen Schwing
Director of Spiritual Care
and ACPE Associate Supervisor
925-295-6945 or jurgen.schwing@kp.org
Kaiser Foundation Hospitals: Spiritual Care
1425 South Main Street
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

** If you are a PSR student interested in doing an Extended unit of CPE as your Concurrent Field Education MDiv requirement or for Advanced Field Education credit, be sure to schdule a consultation with Odette Lockwood-Stewart, Director of Field Education, online at: odetteappt.setmore.com/

San Francisco Night Ministry Part-Time CPE Program

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Night Ministry Logo. Reload the page if it does not appearSan Francisco Night Ministry
Part-Time CPE program

ACPE Supervisor
Rev. Rod Seeger

ACPE Supervisory Candidate
Rev. Silvia Tiznado

For over 50 years, the San Francisco Night Ministry has served people in the night. Our 2017 CPE program is expected to begin in the Winter (actual date TBD – Early January) and end in the Spring (actual date TBD – mid-May).

Part-Time CPE Program

Part-time CPE is sometimes called Extended CPE. This means that you will participate in the program on a part-time basis. All group meetings will be held on one afternoon (TBD). Clinical hours will be arranged according to your schedule.

Group and Individual Supervision

CPE students participate in weekly group learning activities. These include didactic seminars, presentation of pastoral reports, and Interpersonal Relations Group. Each CPE student will meet for individual supervision with the supervisor.

Clinical Focus

Each CPE student will be involved in four areas of ministry.

  1. Paired with one of the staff night ministers to provide spiritual care to people on the streets of San Francisco.
  2. Paired with a veteran Crisis Line Counselor to serve as a San Francisco Night Ministry Crisis Line Counselor.
  3. Participate in leading Open Cathedral, a worship held outside in an area where homeless people gather.
  4. Participate in leading a bible study for homeless people in San Francisco.

For More Information

Rev. Rod Seeger
Cell Phone: 415-328-8281

San Francisco Night Ministry
1031 Franklin Street
San Francisco, CA 94109-6801

The San Francisco Night Ministry CPE program is a Satellite program of Stanford Hospital and Clinics which is accredited for Levels I, II and supervisory education by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc., 1549 Clairmont Road, Suite 103, Decatur, GA 30033-4635 (phone: 404-320-1472; web: www.acpe.edu).

Center for Spiritual Care and Pastoral Formation, Community-Based CPE, Distance Learning

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The Center for Spiritual Care and Pastoral Formation is offering two CPE Options – Intensive 12 week or Extended 22 week units
  • Seminar groups meet one evening each week and three Saturdays via video conference
  • Didactics, case conferences, videotaped role-play feedback sessions, theological reflections, professional ethics, interpersonal relations seminars, group process/dynamics
  • One-to-one weekly individual sessions for clinical supervision with your CPE supervisor
  • Three video conference didactic sessions
  • Tuition: Intensive unit: $995 Extended unit: $1295

This is a wonderful opportunity for someone who would like to use a current placement as their CPE site or would like to explore CPE in community context.

Follow link for more details and the application:


Ministry of Presence Institute

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The Ministry of Presence institute (MPI) is a non-profit, whose mission is training community chaplains to offer spiritual and emotional support in the organization of their choice. We also partner with other organizations such as PSR to complement their programs. MPI has been working with AgeSong, who serves the elderly, for three years. MPI is offering an opportunity for seminarians to join MPl/AgeSong in an interdisciplinary internship fall program. Although AgeSong does not identify as an LGBT organization, there are LGBT identified residents. To learn more about MPI, visit our website www.ministryofpresenceinstitute.org

AgeSong (Agesong.com) Assisted Living is a progressive, innovative and resident focused organization, which serves the elder community with disabilities and/or various stages of forgetfulness. AgeSong has three facilities. One in Hayes Valley, the outer Mission and Fruitvale, Oakland. Public Transportation brings you to all three residencies, but a car would be helpful.

The interns will have opportunities to engage in cross-cultural interactions with the residents and the different intermural cultures in the life of each location. Your hours will be split between them. Within the AgeSong communities, your ministerial opportunities would be rich and diverse. AgeSong strives to have diverse communities, staff and interns in ail programs. Chaplain Interns serve the staff, families and volunteers as well.

You will also be joining MFT interns through interdisciplinary conferences. You will have the opportunity to build a professional relationship with an MFT partner as you discuss a particular resident with whom you are both working.

You will also be providing spiritual support to the dying and their families and acquire experience in hospice care. Interns have the opportunity to conduct Sunday services, memorial or celebration of life events and take a leadership role for an annual day of remembrance for those who have died and conduct other rituals as needed.

The program also gives you the opportunity to attend various community celebrations, like the Festival of Lights in December, among other seasonal events. These activities afford contact with family members and working with the staff, to whom you also offer support throughout your stay with AgeSong. We need at least one intern who is bilingual in Spanish/English an\or Chinese/English.

You will have the option of doing your own group, workshop or seminar; for example “Spirituality and Ageing”. You can attend the art therapy groups if you are interested in chaplaincy in the expressive arts. You can participate in any of the resident field trips or activities. Our program is flexible to meet your learning goals during the internship. In addition to working on site, we will take time for group process and care reports so you can get feedback from your peers as you do irt the weekly mentoring hour.

The environments of AgeSong are created to make it feel like home as I hope it will make you feel. I believe you will find your placement enriching for your future ministry. If you have any questions, please contact Chaplain Rick Stanuiknas at rick@ministryofpresenceinstitute.org

Car required: helpful, but not required

Stipend: No

CPE Program – Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center, Cleveland, OH

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The Clinical Pastoral Education program at Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center currently offers Level 1 and Level 2 CPE through Spring/Fall Extended Units and Summer Intensive Units. We offer a Residency Program from which the student receives four units of CPE. We also offer a second year Residency/ Fellowship program as well.

The Office of Academic Affiliations, in collaboration with Veterans Health Administration Mental Health Services, is motivated to expand opportunities in The Department of Veterans Affairs to train cross-discipline to expand service in the area of mental health. Our second year residency/fellowship positions focus on integrating chaplaincy, psychology, and social work at our medical center into an inter-collaborative training experience.

We are currently accepting applications for these positions. The second year residency/ fellowship positions focus on developing new clinical and educational skills and strengthening existing ones. An individualized learning plan is co-created with the fellow and supervisor to help the student further progress in their particular areas of interest. These areas could include teaching, individual counseling, group work, and/or research.

This position includes a stipend and benefits.

For inquiries or more information, please contact:
Rev. Stacy Kenney

Sojourn Chaplaincy at San Francisco General Hospital

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SOJOURN CHAPLAINCY is a multi-faith chaplaincy and spiritual care program at SFGH that was originally formed
and developed in 1982 when the Episcopal Diocese of California partnered with SFGH to establish an HIV/AIDS
ministry for hospital and outpatient patients. Since that time, Sojourn has practiced the mission described in its name:
“to stay with for a time.” Chaplains bring compassion and understanding to patients, loved ones and staff at the
hospital; where a nonjudgmental presence characterized by active listening is a gift in an environment where stressful
situations and circumstances are all too common. Chaplains sit without an agenda, listening to the needs of the
patients, observing the changing needs of the hospital environment and bringing their unique skills to witness, name
and create space for hope, health and healing.

Central to Sojourn is the belief that each person is remarkable and unique and deserving of compassion and
understanding. We believe the ultimate test of any society is how it treats its poor and oppressed members; and
Sojourn ministers to some of society’s most marginalized patients at San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma
Center (SFGH), a comprehensive medical center and the sole provider of trauma and emergency psychiatric services
for the City and County of San Francisco. SFGH serves over 107,000 patients per year; is one of the nation’s top
academic medical centers and San Francisco’s public hospital. SFGH compassionately and respectfully provides quality
health care and trauma services to patients that include some of the most socially and economically oppressed,
marginalized, vulnerable and at risk. SFGH staff members are skilled in providing resources for physical, mental and
emotional health and Sojourn provides a critical element of the circle of care by attending to the spiritual needs of
patients, families and staff.

Learning opportunities at Sojourn are primarily clinical as the focus of this internship is 1-1 interaction with patients,
families and staff. Each cohort of students journeys together during the semester and we learn through an action/
reflection model of learning. Interns work closely with Spiritual Care staff to develop learning goals that are tailored
to students wishing to complete their field education or do an internship or advanced field education placement in a
chaplaincy setting. Interns work closely with on-site mentors who offer regular feedback and support. Students
develop a learning covenant and work on specific learning goals, which often include goals related to leadership
development, community-building, and teaching or educational opportunities. This placement requires a 12 hour a
week minimum commitment.

Car Required: No

Stipend: $0

Contact Person: Claire Bohman,  claire.bohman@sfdph.org