2014 Changemakers in Colombia

Claudia’s Blog: “…living biblical narratives…”

Posted by Claudia May

The people I had the privilege to meet became living biblical narratives. Their courage inspired me. Their faith deepened my own. Their agency, beauty, and desire to live a life filled with hope caused me to ponder how I respond to the trials I encounter. Their wisdom enthralled me. Their belief in God humbled me. Their beauty captivated me. The children, women, and men I met challenged my world-view. They exposed my insecurities and cultural preferences. Their honesty and willingness to cry, and feel, and touch reminded me not to self-edit my thoughts or hold back my emotions when I pray to God.

So often during my journey through Colombia our devotional readings reflected much of my daily experiences. Each poem, each scripture passage, gave me the opportunity to reflect on the relevancy of scripture and poetry to my every day life. And so, I leave you with some of the poems and biblical passages that ministered to me. May they bless you as they have blessed me — if not more.

To be of the Earth is to know

the restlessness of being a seed

the darkness of being planted

the struggle toward the light

the pain of growth into the light

the joy of bursting and bearing fruit

the love of being food for someone

the scattering of your seeds

the decay of the seasons

the mystery of death

and the miracle of birth

John Soos


From that which we fear, make us fearless.

O bounteous One, assist us with your aid.

May the atmosphere we breathe

breathe fearlessness into us:

fearlessness on earth

and fearlessness in heaven!

May fearlessness surround us

above and below!

May we be without fear

By night and by day!

Let all the world be my friend!

Atharva Veda XIX


Oil and incense make the heart glad,

and the sweetness of friends

comes from their advice

Don’t desert your friend

or a friend of your family;

don’t go to your relative’s house

when disaster strikes.

Better a neighbor nearby

than a relative far away

Proverbs 27: 9-10


Rich people think they are wise,

but an insightful poor person

sees through them.

Proverbs 28: 11


Observe those who have integrity

and watch those whose heart is right

because the future belongs to persons of peace

Psalm 37:37